Reviews: Nazo Unleashed

Sonic the Hedgehog: Just add Sayains!

I had actually been avoiding Nazo Unleashed for a while because of all the hype among Sonic fans, but I finally sat down and watched the HD Directors Cut a bit earlier and had some thoughts about it.

First of all, it's VERY refreshing to see a Sonic fan film done to completion like this. The animation is fluid, the drawing is very nice and the clever and smooth sentence mixing for the recycled clips is very pleasing to hear. I can definitely see how it got so popular and it truly does deserves the fanfare it gets. That being said, it had a major sticking point for me.

That point is how useless Tails and Knuckles are portrayed as being. Tails has been following Sonic for years by now and can fight on his level and Knuckles is shown to be twice as powerful and durable as Sonic. Here, they're both taken out in a matter of seconds. It's especially confusing with Knuckles who has been shown to counteract his slower speed by being able to take a lot of abuse AND by knowing techniques to boost his speed, such as the Maximum Heat Knuckle Attack that he was knocked out of without even trying. Tails is shown to be weaker and slower than Sonic when it comes to raw speed and power, but more than makes up with it through his agility and flight capabilities combined with his combat weapons. To see Tails only fire off one Blaster shot and call it a day was just stupid. Especially considering the fact that he had Dummy Rings and his Magic Glove and Blaster techniques to use. The fact that those two only go Super at the very end to assist Shadic makes me wonder why they hadn't gone Super before then. Surely four super beings would be able to stop Nazo, seeing as he was having trouble with two.

That being said, it was still a fun romp and the problems I brought up can be traced to the source material the film is based on. I would highly recomend Sonic fans and Dragonball fans to watch this film for it's impressive fight scenes and creative sound work, but if you like Tails or Knuckles then you'll have to get over the idea that they could have done more.