Reviews: Mystery Science Theater 3000

Recommendations for MSTies-to-be

I love this show. I love the service it provides, bringing to prominence to the great art of snarking at movies that are bad. I love the zany characters who do said snarking (as well as the ones who don't). Mystery Science Theater 3000 is one of those "once in a blue moon" kinds of shows, the unique, inspired, and (most importantly) fun.

But I understand that it can be hard for a person to get into the series. It takes a lot of resilience it keep watching a movie if it's just that bad, regardless of whether or not it is being made fun of. So, these here are some suggestions I have for the apprehensive yet eager-to-try-it prospective fan.

  • Ease yourself into the show. As aforementioned, watching a really bad flick can send nigh anyone to punch their TV/monitor/portable movie-watching device (?). If you don't think you have the patience or guts to start with a full episode's worth of movie, try watching some of the shorts first. The hosts would occasionally riff on short, often public domain films before riffing on the movie proper. These could be anything from 50s conformity propaganda ("A Date With Your Family", and yes, it IS as creepy as the title makes it sound) to instructional videos ("Hired!") to even an old episode of General Hospital! While you could find any and (probably) all of these with a quick YT search "mst3k short", I personally recommend starting with the first one I saw, "A Case Of Spring Fever", which is possibly the most insane thing ever committed to black-and-white film. Other comedy goldmines include "Alphabet Antics" and "Mr. B Natural".
  • When ready, choose a watchable movie. We're talkin' So Bad Its Good, not Manos. This is still training. Some of the best ones to start with, in my opinion, include I Accuse My Parents, Santa Claus Conquers The Martians, Jack Frost, and Overdrawn At The Memory Bank (the first and latter being personal favorites of mine).
  • Most importantly, if something seems to vex you, just repeat to yourself, "It's just a show. I should really just relax." The show can be hit-or-miss, but at its peak, you'll be dying of laughter. Good luck, and Godspeed.

(Push the button, Frank!)

We've got movie signs!

Holy hell. Welcome to the holy grail of Tv Tropes, and the Lampshade to end all Lampshades. MST 3 K is widely considered to be one of the greatest shows made by mankind, and for good reason.

Now to start, the premise is wonderfully nonsensical and purposefully stupid. While most shows would butcher this kind of set with a poor script, what the writers did was brilliant, and regardless of how little the plot would make sense, they still managed to be gut-bustingly hilarious when the cast wasn't brutally tearing apart films.

Now, when the cast was demolishing the movies, they were at their finest. They embody the very thing (Most) people want to do at a bad film, but either can't or don't want to (What). That, and their humor ranges from lowbrow (Crow) to "Viewers Are Geniuses" territory (Tom, Mike, Joel, and Crow{Needless separation}).

When it comes to longevity, however, it managed to do something damn near impossible for everyone else. It never got old. No matter how long the series lasted, how many episodes had passed, or how long each episode was, it just never got old. So why the hell was this cancelled?! Nevermind, just Keep Circulating The Tapes.

All in all, this show is well worth your time. In fact, stop reading. Now. Stop reading and watch the goddamn show.