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Reviews Comments: We've got movie signs! Mystery Science Theater 3000 whole series review by A Bad Driver

Holy hell. Welcome to the holy grail of Tv Tropes, and the Lampshade to end all Lampshades. MST 3 K is widely considered to be one of the greatest shows made by mankind, and for good reason.

Now to start, the premise is wonderfully nonsensical and purposefully stupid. While most shows would butcher this kind of set with a poor script, what the writers did was brilliant, and regardless of how little the plot would make sense, they still managed to be gut-bustingly hilarious when the cast wasn't brutally tearing apart films.

Now, when the cast was demolishing the movies, they were at their finest. They embody the very thing (Most) people want to do at a bad film, but either can't or don't want to (What). That, and their humor ranges from lowbrow (Crow) to "Viewers Are Geniuses" territory (Tom, Mike, Joel, and Crow{Needless separation}).

When it comes to longevity, however, it managed to do something damn near impossible for everyone else. It never got old. No matter how long the series lasted, how many episodes had passed, or how long each episode was, it just never got old. So why the hell was this cancelled?! Nevermind, just Keep Circulating The Tapes.

All in all, this show is well worth your time. In fact, stop reading. Now. Stop reading and watch the goddamn show.


  • Hippoboy
  • 11th Oct 10
hmm. Now if I were to take your suggestion and watch the show, where do I go and where do I start?
  • Phrederic
  • 11th Oct 10
There are way too many episodes that are way to hard to find, luckily this show has almost no canon at all, so just find whatever episodes you can and enjoy. There's stuff on the internet if you search around, and I have a couple of their vids at my local video rental place, so check yours.
  • TobyMobias
  • 14th Oct 10
A good one I'd start with is "423 - Bride of the Monster" or "904 - Werewolf" (or 'WHARWILF' as it's known by MS Ties).
  • Altiach
  • 2nd Dec 10
There's a lot of episodes on Google Video.
  • TorBey
  • 8th May 11
We[I{They}] suggest easing yourself into the series. But then again, that's just human recommendation.

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