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Reviews Comments: Manga - So Bad it's Good at Worst, but can be very Good Black Butler whole series review by Xantosfork

This Review is manga only

Frankly enough, Black Butler knows how to draw viewers, due to its stunning drawings and the gothic artstyle yet... let's face it, both characters and story are mediocre. Both main characters are Gary Stus: Ciel is an unsufferable prick with almost everything handled on a plate and Sebastian's a Noble Demon at best. Developed as they are, they don't have actually any positive trait, yet they always win. The only reason they are main characters? The villains are far worse, most of them horrible Complete Monster, admittedly twisted enough to be charming. The manga (and much worse, the anime) are also very sexist, potraying women always having a role second fodder to a man. Of all the character, only the Undertaker is Crazy Enough and enigmatic enough to make you wonder about his alignment, especially after recent chapters.

Even more cringe worthy is the fact now most secondary characters are pulling out of their ass Levels in Badassery in a weak attempt to make them interesting, but ends up far more an attempt to measure up to the rest of Shouned Mangas

However, what makes the series stand out? The comedy. Instead of constantly explaining the jokes, they allow the comedy to flow flawlessly. Even when you don't take the plot seriously due to the borderline Villain Protagonists, they provide an excellent comedy due to being Comically Serious , and the story are so batshit insane (improving curry with chocolate? Really?) that I can't help but roll in laughters.

One more positive traits is the art. The author clearly engages in Scenery Porn and the designs are gorgeous. You want to see more of the enviroment, and the fighting scene, despite being painfully one-sided, are dynamic and eyecatching. Lastly, the Ho Yay is rather well done, although really... they should stop focusing on the underage boy

Overall... not my type, in terms of plotting being mostly a So Bad It'sGood cliched revenge story, not my type, but worth a look



  • condottiera
  • 24th Apr 13
I kinda know what you mean. There are times when I'm like, Jesus Christ, what the hell am I reading, and yet I can't stop. There's just something uniquely bizarre about Victorian Britain as envisioned by modern Japan. Overall, though, how well it's willing to embrace its own batshit ridiculousness fluctuates wildly throughout. This doesn't always count against quality, mind you. Occasionally, it even succeeds in being pretty creepy — sometimes, even on purpose. (Zing!) At other times, though, it just feels tonally lopsided, and incredibly sloppy. These are usually the points at which it starts sliding into So Bad Its Good.

Suffice to say, Black Butler is no masterpiece, but it's also never boring, and for one reason or another, a whole lot of fun.
  • Clevomon
  • 21st Feb 15
Improving curry with chocolate is actually not as crazy as it sounds (This from someone who has never read the series). Cincinnati-style chili uses chocolate as one of its key ingredients that distinguishes it from other, spicier chilis. The taste mechanics of chili and curry should probably be pretty similar. Maybe I'm missing context here, but that actually makes a certain degree of sense.
  • catmuto
  • 2nd Mar 15
The fact that chocolate was put into the curry was even explained as to why and what kind of effect it had on it. And while it certainly may seem insane to us, ask anyone who knows their way around cooking, tastes and how certain tastes would interact with each other, even on a chemical basis. It actually makes sense.

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