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Reviews Comments: Great Americanized Story of Holmes Elementary whole series review by Dark Literati

This here is my third-favorite new show of the fall 2012 season (#2 being Revolution and #1 being the Too Good To Last Last Resort.) There's a simple reason why this is the case - Sherlock Holmes, while not a lot of fun to read about, is mucho de fun to watch, especially in a setting where he's basically presented as a Mentalist-type character, a former drug addict who consults for the police. (Yes, I am aware that The Mentalist is a Holmes Expy. Don't flame me!)

Jonny Lee Miller is beyond excellent as Sherlock, of course. After seeing him play the horrifically creepy Jordan Chase on Dexter, it's a most wonderful change to see him play a good guy again. Lucy Liu is a great Joan Watson, too, and a most wonderful counterpoint to Sherlock's rampant irreverence for social norms, or cleanliness.

I wish there was a little less hatred for this show out there. Just because it's a CBS procedural doesn't make it tired or cliche. Sherlock purists need to calm down and accept that as good as their show is, this show isn't necessarily horrible as a result. And, to those who are wondering why CBS decided to make this the post-Super Bowl show, well, let us not forget, it is the #1 new show on TV, and while Person Of Interest (which really needs the boost in order to cement itself as a contender for taking the post of #1 drama away from NCIS) may have deserved it more, Elementary, as the new kid on the block - and one of the best new shows of the year - also needs the boost, and needs it a little more desperately.

Examine, taste, and enjoy!


  • Aspie
  • 7th Jan 13
Aside from Sherlock Holmes not being fun to read about (sorry, I'm a big fan of the originals), I have to agree with every word of this review. I always hated that I didn't get to see more of Jonny Lee Miller when he played Eli Stone, so seeing him back on the screen (and playing Sherlock Holmes no less), is just awesome. Miller and Lucy Liu have unbelievable screen chemistry. (In the non-romantic sense of the term). They may be one of the best Holmes-Watson pairings I've ever seen.

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