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Reviews Comments: Doesn't live up to "Worst Music EVER" Reputation Skrillex whole series review by Sean Peden

This review probably requires a little bit of context.

Back in the day, I vaguely had a moment of interest in Dubstep after hearing some Burial. Not for the reasons people do anymore, but for the whole "Dark, Moody, Minimalist" thing. After Dubstep grew in popularity throughout 2008-2010, the focus, as we all know, drifted from that to "dirty" basslines. It drew my attention, but not for very long. The concept was introduced, but sadly never really went anywhere at all. Song structures were the same. It was all ways to be more "dirty" or ways to build to the inevitable drop after the inevitable vocal Sampling. It stayed like this for a few years.

Then came Skrillex...

Skrillex was the first person I'd heard in years to actually do something with the concept that I'd never heard before. First, Skrillex had long given up on subtlety and ambiance; since the focus drifted towards aggression, everyone was held back by trying to stay within Dubstep. Skrillex ignored this all-together, and it works in his favor. Instead of Ambiance and Moodiness, Skrillex uses dance-y production and melodies akin to more traditional dance music and techno. Then he made his signature "filthy" bass sound that, quite frankly, you can't get much "filthier" than.

Secondly, instead of manipulating modulation and wah effects (though they are still present sometimes), he mixed this new, aggressive interpretation of the genre with completely chopped up house effects, beats, and samples, drawing heavy influences from Justice and Daft Punk.

He found a new way to look at it, and it's not very Dubstep-y, but it's much better off for it. He plays with Genre Roulette yet remains cohesive and proves that he has a wide understanding of Electronic Music. It's catchy, loud, and very in-your-face.

However, while inventive, his signature bass sounds do get old for some people, and can be very abrasive. This, and the "Wobbliness" is a bit... Narmy... Some of the songs on Bangarang are not all they could be, and sometimes feel like Filler.

Overall though, he's worth a listen. Some of the sounds he produces blow my mind as to how in the hell they were made. It's pretty interesting, complex, fun, and nowhere near as bad as it's made out to be.


  • JobanGrayskull
  • 18th Oct 12
I think Skrillex is pretty decent. I'm not into dubstep or electronic or...well, whatever kind of music style/genre this fits into (I really don't know much about any of it all either), but he's got several tracks that are very catchy and fun to listen to. I especially love "Bangarang" (the track, that is) and "First of the Year."

Any recommendations for similar artists?
  • MrFood11
  • 18th Oct 12
Well, besides Justice, he's kind of started a new wave of Dubstep, so you can look to a lot of the newer artists right now for a similar kind of sound. Try Zedd, Knife Party (though I don't care for them personally, and I strongly prefer Rob Swire's other project), Phonat, or on the Dubsteppier side try Excision or Nero. Also, Deadmau5 is almost required listening at this point since him and Skrillex are so intertwined, but they aren't very similar.

I don't really know much, though. Newer wave Dubstep and electronica isn't really my thing. I listen to/know way more about older electronica like Aphex Twin and the Glitch Hop side of the newer electronic music movements. I really like Bassnectar's earlier stuff, Mesmerizing The Ultra is one of my all time favorite albums. Unfortunately it's been taken off itunes for unknown reasons, but most people come to him for his Dubstep, which I don't really care for. So you could also try The Glitch Mob, they're pretty good.

Hopefully that's enough to keep you busy. :)
  • SeanPeden
  • 18th Oct 12
By the way, I'm Mr Food 11.
  • JobanGrayskull
  • 19th Oct 12
Thanks for the suggestions. I've heard a small sampling of several of those: Justice's "Genesis," Nero's "Doomsday," a few from Deadmau5 (I really love his collaboration with Gerard Way, being also a big MCR fan) and I liked what I heard, so I'll definitely check out the others.
  • PhysicalStamina
  • 21st Feb 13
I kinda like and resent him at the same time. While I admittedly enjoy tracks like First of the Year" and "Scary Bolly Dub" (which I think may be his best production yet), I hate how everyone has it in their mind that all Dubstep sounds exactly like that.

Also, for recommendations, I suggest you give Koan Sound a listen.
  • SeanPeden
  • 2nd Mar 13
I have before, like I said I'm not a big dubstep guy but Koan Sound's remix of "Kill EVERYBODY" was jaw-dropping.

Glad I'm not being flamed at this point as I usually am anywhere else on the internet.

Didn't really care for "Scary Bolly Dub" as much, but I loved "Leaving." At first I though it was kind of a more boring version of Burial but the chord progression has really grown on me.

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