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Just Awful
Anypony who likes Daring Do is properly a six month old filly. There, I said it! The plots are insultingly simplistic, the characters are irritating and there is something very iffy about the books' portayal of donkies. I am a sixth generation donkey (and damn proud of it!) and we are NOT all pack mules, thank you very much.

In short, Daring Do is boring, repetive and just plain speciest. If you like this series then Celestia should send you to the moon!


Hey! Nopony disses a quality book series and gets away with it! If I ever find you in Cloudsdale, I'm givin' you such a pinch!
comment #13583 Shota 1st Apr 12
Give some proper reasoning, for example, how are the plots insultingly simplistic? Why are the characters irritating? What's so iffy about the portrayal of donkeys?(Remembering these were wrote before donkeys were more accepted)
comment #13849 Trialman 15th Apr 12
But the series has Celestia's own approval. Your claim is invalid.
comment #13895 ABadDriver 19th Apr 12
Celestia's attitudes towards non-ponies are backwards and specist at best. Yet another example of the impact of this immortal prat who is out of touch with the times. Though at least she's marginally more up to date with reality than her bungling, grandstanding sister.
comment #13896 GameChainsaw 19th Apr 12 (edited by: GameChainsaw)
First books were good, only later their went downhill.
comment #14044 DeathCloud 29th Apr 12
It seems we have a neeeeeiiiighsayer PV Tropes.
comment #14113 Calnos 2nd May 12
Go back to bed, Doodle.
comment #16206 AdelePotter 20th Sep 12

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