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Reviews Comments: I Am So Tired Of This Glee whole series review by asbjfalfkj

Honestly, this show has really drained me and I can not pick up season 3. I started watching this show when it first aired as it was my duty as a theatre fan. However, I have since gotten tired of it. I am shocked that it has come this far, and I went through season 2 almost on pure duty alone. The writting is horrible. My god, the writing. Pretty much everything about it screams Cliche Storm with just about every trope from every high school tv show ever made. The show also loves to push the Gay Aesop in our faces like it's going out of style. Kurt is not even likable. Sure he gets many a Woobie scene, but for most of the first season he's an annoying Stalker With A Crush. The second season, he's in a horribly cliched, over the top Will They Or Wont They with Blaine. He's completely ukified in this relationship, even with the predatory gay tendencies he's had up until that point. Despite all of this, Kurt/Blaine is the only thing I can muster myself to care about in the show. Also the Shirtless Scenes. Finn, Mike, Puck and especially Sam are hot, and make the show worth viewing.

The other relationships in this show are also horribly cliched. I no longer care about the on again/off again with Finn/Rachael. It's boring, cliched, and takes up to much of my time. The Show also inexplicably likes to pair up everyone in the show with everyone else. I was semi-interested in the Pair The Spares of Artie/Tina but than the show just decided to break that up and pair Tina/Mike for Asian jokes. I really have no idea why. To further rub the Gay Aesop into our faces, they made Santanna gay, but again, I just couldn't muster up enough strength to care. Sam paired with Mercedes at the end of the season. Why? It makes no sense, comes out of nowhere, and is a desperate attempt at Pair The Spares that just doesn't work.

The characters are not likable for the most part. They have to many What The Hell Hero moments and it just gets tedious.

I was particularly annoyed when Sam didn't turn out to be gay. That plot would have been excellent, especially if they continued with Blaine making a love triangle. Now that would have been worth watching instead of the idiotic crap we get with everyone else's love stories. Also, now that Sam is not on the show, I don't even have his hot shirtless scenes to look forward to. I am so over this show


  • larynxist
  • 5th Sep 11
This. Thank you.
  • DominusTemporis
  • 12th Sep 11
Not sure if review is serious or not...
  • Scarface675
  • 12th Sep 11
I hate this show with a passion.
  • asbjfalfkj
  • 16th Sep 11
I love how Poes Law has been invoked on this by the second commenter. I assure you, it is serious.
  • asbjfalfkj
  • 2nd Nov 11
I would like to revise some things about this review. Darren Criss's voice and Idina Menzel's new glee club may be reasons to continue watching this show. And that's pretty much it. Seeing Rachel not in the lead is oh so satisfying.

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