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Reviews Comments: It's dragged on too long. Warrior Cats whole series review by Kingcobrasaurus

The first six books tell a delightful tale. We learn the story of a seemingly ordinary house cat, who stumbles upon a clan of feral cats and decides to join them. We learn how he struggles to establish a rightful place in the clan and gain his clanmates' acceptance, all the while grappling with the outside affairs of conflicting neighbor clans and ultimately facing a prophecy that he alone can save his clan. We also deal with death, the merciless forces of nature, and a hint of the supernatural, all building up to an explosive climax and a satisfying ending.

That's where my praise ends.

Warriors did well as just six books. The second arc of books bear an interesting premise. What bugged me was the decision to give StarClan such a driving influence on the rest of the plot. Back in the first series, the existence of StarClan in the Warriors universe was left relatively ambiguous. StarClan cats only appeared as vague apparitions in cats' dreams and were never outwardly stated to be real supernatural forces. It was just a religion and nothing more. Readers could decide for themselves whether or not there really was a StarClan. The story just felt more contrived to me when StarClan started appearing regularly and influencing the plot more heavily.

Beyond TNP, the storytelling begins to feel the strain. Plot devices begin to repeat. StarClan influences practically everything. I felt that PoT was mostly just filler, as it often included stuff irrelevant to the actual plot like the Daylight gathering in The Sight and Sol's manipulation.

As the prose gets better, the storytelling gets worse. The first series had fine storytelling but somewhat mechanical prose. In the later books, the authors have improved in their writing and it shows in the text - but the storytelling suffers when the books keep dragging on and on.

Only the main and supporting characters are given much depth. The rest act as mere props in the stage to make the Clans appear big, appearing regularly in the text to remind the reader they're there.

Once you get into it, the series becomes addicting. But there came to be a point where I just stopped caring about what happens.

I'll give that the super editions are significantly better than the main books. But they really need to give this series a rest.


  • Frankiefoster
  • 31st Jul 11
That's why I never read the book series. One look at the first book's cover and I was like, "I will HATE the book. Why? I don't know—I don't know." Maybe it was just because it was about cats. Maybe I just didn't give a damn about them...and maybe your review just hit why. They made it into some dull long running series—and I hate those types of books.
  • Kingcobrasaurus
  • 5th Aug 11
Don't get me wrong. The first 6 stories are great books on their own, and you don't have to read the others.
  • AgentDragonhunter
  • 8th Aug 11
I'm still a fan of Warriors, but I agree that they keep using too many of the same ideas. Like, how many cats have been crippled now? Well, the first two were awesome, IMO. TPoT was kind of boring, but it had some good parts, and I actually like OotS better. In fact, Sign of the Moon actually was really good because of how they handled the plot about the Ancients. I like it better because they finally give us some conclusions to all the unanswered questions TPoT gave us, and the main characters are cats we already know, minus the sisters. And Dovepaw is a Mary Sue. D:

  • FlametailvonKarma
  • 17th Aug 11
Eh. I've always thought that the first series had decent prose and awesome storytelling, whereas the later books had awesome prose and storytelling that happened to be different than the first series. I know full well that the only reason the first series is my favorite is Nostalgia Filter. I also think that many of the weaker parts of the series can be explained due to Executive Meddling.
  • terlwyth
  • 17th Aug 11
How to describe when the series Jumped The Shark,it wasn't first series where they were better than Harry Potter and even supporting cast had some depth. It wasn't the first half of The New Prophecy with it's good prophecy,well grounded characters,brilliant subplots,and near perfect telling of The Heros journey with the epic Herioc Sacrifice.

The five things wrong with the series after Dawn

1. Loads And Loads Of Characters 2. Themes start to repeat 3. The writing becomes Purple Prose 4. Moving deaths get glossed over like Feathertail 5. Said characters get Flanderized (Cloudtail,Daisy,Leafpool),Took A Level In Jerk Ass (Ashfur,Onestar) Strangled By The Red String (Sorreltail+Brackenfur) or are amoral Jerk Asses to begin with (Jayfeather,Lionblaze,Hollyleaf,Breezepelt)


  • Lightflame
  • 16th Oct 11
Frankiefoster, don't complain about shows you don't watch.

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