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Whimsical and Heartwarming
I know many Ocarina Of Time fans are going to beat me to a pulp, but I always preferred "Majora's Mask" over it. As much as the series itself is enjoyable, it really does amount to the same Save The Princess and the world from Big Bad Ganon(dorf). Though Majora's Mask's plot is yet another variation of the latter plot, its unique presentation keeps it fresh and entertaining.

The new time system takes great advantage of the three days you have. You have to truly think and use it wisely to get the best result or you'll end up starting over. Luckily the game is kind to input in certain songs and save points to lessen the frustration. The graphics are detailed and despite the N64's fuzziness, was nothing short of unique eye candy. The overall gameplay may have been smaller then "Ocarina Of Time", but the sidequests expanded and that there lies the heart of this game.

Each character, big or small, have their own little stories. Most of whom you'll be helping. Outside of making you warm and fuzzy inside for helping them, the game does a marvelous job working their lives 'round the clock. You feel for these people, you want to risk life and limb to help them, and if you fail, you feel like a failure; a punch-in-the-gut failure. Why I love MM is that these characters have characters. They're ridiculously charming and their reactions to their lives and the impending moon slowly colliding to Earth is one big Tear Jerker moment. It's just like Nintendo to create charismatic characters that you give a damn about.

It is highly appropriate that the theme of this game is friendship. The overall story is big on this and the tale of Skull Kid and his actions mark clear of the good Samaritan you do throughout the game. By the time you get all 24 masks and complete the game in whole, the sense of achievement is no less satisfying. You made these people happy.


While I still prefer "Ocarina of Time" to this game, I'm not gonna beat you to a pulp; I agree with much of what you've said. "Majora's Mask" was great.
comment #1030 21st Sep 09
I never thought I'd hear the word 'whimsical' associated with the apocalypse. Otherwise, I agree, it's a fairly unique and well-made addition to the Zelda franchise.

I do have one negative thing to say about it: wasn't this the game that introduced that goddamn Tingle?
comment #1031 Guest Of Dishonour 21st Sep 09 (edited by: Guest Of Dishonour)
I know it sounds weird, but the game has a lot of charm to deserve the "whimsical", Tingle or not.
comment #1033 Neo Yi 21st Sep 09
While I generally agree with your opinion on this game's overall quality (it's my favorite Lo Z game), I wouldn't exactly call this game, "whimsical." Whimsical brings to mind "happiness, lightheartedness and joy," and the general tone of the game's story is a tad too dark for that in my opinion.
comment #1035 Komodin 22nd Sep 09
"Whimsical" may mean a different meaning to both of us as I see that word as associated with charming, unique, and something altogether different, but wonderfully engaging. Which MM was to me.
comment #1038 Neo Yi 22nd Sep 09
This game and Thw Wind Waker were N Intendo's biggest risks on its beloved franchise. But both of them are awesome. I still can't see why the company abandoned that cause in favor of the atrocious and unoriginal Twilight Princess, sadly.
comment #1094 6th Oct 09
^ Ah yes, that above post is a classic Fan Dumb example. Twilight Princess fans bash Wind Waker, and thus you feel the need to be no better and bash Twilight Princess for not living up to your view on Wind Waker.

Wind Waker was awesome, but SO WAS TWILIGHT PRINCESS. The whole goddamned SERIES is awesome. DEAL WITH IT.
comment #1097 6th Oct 09
It's not Fan Dumb, it's that Nintendo is rarely intimidated by detractors who bash its most daring works; they developed Majora's Mask, The Wind Waker and Four Swords Adventures, in a row, despite the skepticism of fans who were awaiting for a game like Ocarina (and not caring for whether that game would take or not the series in the most unique direction possible). Same happended with Retro Studios, who made three excellent Metroid games regardless of the traditional fans' opposition. Point two: I know that none of the Zelda games are terribly different from each other, and I'm not interested on awaiting for another Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, but each title contributed with gameplay ideas and mechanics to keep the main experience fresh (traveling to the future, time-based systems, sailing, multiplayer mode, mask-induced shapeshifting, GCN-GBA connection, linking two games, side-scrolling mode, Dark World, and so on). Just tell me what offered Twilight Princess in that sense. Shapeshifting into a wolf? The idea was based on those of Majora's Mask. Twilight Realm? Simpsons and A Link to the Past did it already. Learning new Skills? Zelda II and The Minish Cap did it first. The only possible innovation coming from the game (and this only applies to the Wii version) was the control scheme, but it was tacked-on because it's actually a GCN game whose means of gameplay were based in the traditional controls of a past-gen console. I repeat, I'm not just bitching about the game. Nintendo tried different things with previous Zelda titles, but fans are unpleasable, began to beg, beg and beg for a mature and adult title (clearly they skipped MM), a "non-experimental" and "non-odball" title, and Nintendo had no choice to make TP. A coward act.
comment #1102 7th Oct 09
Oh sorry. Typo. I meant "...had no choice but to make TP. A coward act".
comment #1103 7th Oct 09
Whatever. I say it's just a bad case of Its The Same Now It Sucks, and it's getting tiring. I love Majora's Mask, but feeling the need to put other games down in order to elevate Majora's Mask is an easy way to turn someone off of it.

And while TP didn't offer much new gameplay-wise; storywise IMHO it was one of the best, and it gave us Midna, one of the most developed NP Cs in the series bar none.
comment #1120 10th Oct 09
I played this game before Ocarina of Time, and I have to say that, even though I like Oo T's longer gameplay, I love the game overall better. Like you said, it had people. It was a game that had many creepy elements, not to be confused with scary elements, which it also had an abundance of. It was also the most touching game in the series. Sure, you might be near tears when Link leaves Kokiri forest and Saria behind in Ocarina of Time, or feel stunned by Ralph's selfless gesture to kill his own ancestor to make things right in Oracle of Ages, but no game makes you cry in either fear, sadness, or happiness as Majora's Mask.

It lacked in gameplay (even the Minish Cap had five temples to Majora's four), and the timed days were annoying, but it made up for it with characters and story. And admittedly, the whole timing thing was sort of the point of the game, and it really wouldn't have been the same without it.
comment #1130 TheNerdyNinja 12th Oct 09
You're not alone. I felt that Majora's Mask gigantic encompassing world where you could observe characters and see what they're really like, on top of the fact that Majora itself.. well freaked me out. And it was a breath of fresh air as opposed to "Find sword, kill Ganon(dorf), save princess.) would have been.
comment #1197 Dutchtica 29th Oct 09
Man, I agree with the fact that it's at very least the best 3D zelda game, if not the best, but to call it Whimsical I cannot understan. I remember when I had finally freed all 4 giants my first time through, and in those last 3 days, I did my damned best to accomplish everything... and I failed. And failed. And failed. Even though I know nowit's possible, that still broke my heart when I was a little 13 year old, having to live with the fact that I couldn't save everyone. And completley off-topic and probably flame-inducing, I don't understand how anyone can say TP had a good storyline. It was typical Zelda, nothing unique or original in the storyline, just solid and does what it's trying to do. Comparing any of the other Zelda game's storyline to Majoras Mask woud be like comparing the stories/enviroments Fallout 3 to Fallout: New Vegas. One is normal and expected but executed very well, while the other one is new, differient, and exceptional, even though both use the same basic elements of gameplay.
comment #8062 YoungMachete 11th Jun 11
Aside from using the word "whimsical", this review is spot on. I only wish it were a little longer.
comment #22401 Tropesofknowledge 5th Dec 13

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