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Reviews Comments: Do Your Research World War Z film/book review by warlord 396

Well, Brooks spends most of the book whining about how fat and retarded humanity is, about how we are going to die because we didn't prepare for the zombie he made up. to get his point across about how only the tactis HE says will work are viable options, he makes the army act like idiots at Yonkers, and their weapons, which should have been liquefying the Zombies, be somehow ineffective. He goes off on a thinly-veiled commentary about misguided American arrogance and Chinese evil. Adding to this ridiculousness is zombies prowling all over the ocean floor and proving a Green Aesop, somehow not invulnerable yet not crushed by the pressure, while the zombies are magically immune to most everyday wear-and-tear and somehow able to move without drawing energy from their food. even if he had justified the corpses rising, their biology makes no sense, and he assumes that most humans are total idiots. this book as poorly-written as it is poorly-researched


  • murex
  • 18th Jul 11
Troll in the dungeon!
  • maninahat
  • 18th Jul 11
I don't know, his argument makes sense. If you are going to go to the trouble of giving a "realistic" account about handling zombies, you also have to explain how your zombies work in the real world. You have to explain why your zombies can still function. Heck, even if he just simply said that they came about by a magic spell (which is why they are not crushed under massive pressure), that would have been acceptable.

I haven't read the book myself, but from the tropes page, I can see how this book might easily infuriate people.
  • Iaculus
  • 18th Jul 11
There is no explanation, whether mystic or scientific, for the zombies' nature, and the characters are just as baffled by it as we are. I suspect that the biology not making sense, at least, was intentional in order to heighten the utter alienness of the Zombie Apocalypse scenario.
  • 20th Jul 11
Remember kids, do not feed the troll.
  • GrandPrincePaulII
  • 22nd Jul 11
Good review. There are much better books featuring undeads/zombies than this one.
  • S3
  • 24th Jul 11
@Grand Prince Paul II: Judging by all the Conspiracy theorist sounding BS here- Yes, yes there are.
  • Scardoll
  • 24th Jul 11
Considering that the American militia push against the zombies was one of the most covered and glorified parts of the book... Yep, he's definitely an anti-American conspiracy nut.

The only real point here is the one about zombie biology. Yonkers was understandable (Center of mass aiming primarily relies on the pain response), but the undersea wandering under-the-sea zombies was unnecessary. I think a lot of his zombie biology goofs were to make them creepier/more inhuman, but you can only go so far.

It's certainly not a perfect book, but your review is pretty poor at covering the book's main issues (Some of the stories just break the tone of the book, for example).
  • TiberiusBlaze
  • 2nd Aug 11
Well said warlord. A tedious, depressing, misanthropic and endlessly repetetive, pointless work that had a lot of potential but would have been better if written by a less pompous and preachy author.
  • DStecks
  • 8th Aug 11
The Zombie Survival Guide is pretty much necessary reading for World War Z. In it, Brooks straight-up admits that the zombies violate the laws of physics; the obvious reason being that if they didn't, they wouldn't really be a serious threat.
  • billyjoel42
  • 7th Oct 11
MTK 3 Mantra is pretty much esential for ANYTHING to do with zombies. Not to seem like a grammer nazi ( I am aware that I am one of the only people on the internet who uses proper grammer) but proper grammer would make it alot easier to take your review seriously.
  • Rozza
  • 7th Aug 12
@billyjoel42 - essential, grammar, Nazi, Internet, a lot. "Not to seem like a..." is a very inelegant way to sentence.
  • Ometta6
  • 14th Nov 12
  • WarLord
  • 28th Dec 12
Well this is creepy, same name same opinion diffirent guys. I'll just add the Only sane man being Israel just because Brooks is Jewish to the problems with this book. Basically if Brooks did a little more research and dropped the preachiness and the horrible adolescent attempts at "satire" that come with it,the book would deserve the praise some tropers give it.
  • T448Eight
  • 15th Feb 13
Awww does tropers want realistic zombies?

Bullshit, its not supposed to be realistic.

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