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Reviews Comments: Kamen rider meet vampires Kamen Rider Kiva season review by locuas

First of all, this serie is MY FAVORITE of the entire franchise. Even if isn't the best, i always would chose it instead of others.

The Story is great. divided in, mainly, two POV. Wataru's POV in th epresent and his father's POV in the past. the plot in 1986, in many senses with a Foregone Conclusion, is about how otoya met Wataru's mother, which relation he has with the fangires and many important plot points that aren't explained in the main plot. The plot in 2008 is about wataru trying to make a violin like his father's at the same time that he fight against fangire's and suffer a Generation Xerox. This plot is heavily affected by the events of 1986 and shows the resolution of some of the plots of 1986.

The characters are...different. I think my favorites are Otoya and Jiro, both of 1986. Otoya is one of the most charismatic characters in the Kamen Rider Franchise, he is a Decoy Protagonist, he is The Obi Wan, he is just some kind of The Aragorn, and evenso we want to see HIM using the belt, transform into Kamen rider and kick the ass of the Big Bad. Jiro is a were-wolf who start as a combination between Anti-hero and anti-villain who just help Otoya because he seek revenge against the fangires. He is Badass, he is a strong character who acts as The Mentor for Wataru in 2008. He start hating Otoya but slowly starts to fall for his charm and become his friend.

Someones say that Wataru is just some kind of Expy of Ryoutaro but i disagree. Ryoutaro was a Butt Monkey who doesn't have any kind of self-confidence. Wataru has a lot of confidence, if not he wouldn't go to kick asses the way he does. the problem is that he has No Social Skill. his only human friend go to school, his best friend is a bat and his mother abandon him when he was a child, it isn't strange that he can't talk properly in front of people. in the whole serie, his Heroic BSOD aren't something that appear just from nowhere, are the amount of a lot of things that make ask himself why he is fighting.

I think the message in the serie is that the destiny isn't something unavoidable and we make our own choices...but sometimes we don't want to change it. we chose to accept our destiny and do what we have to do, sometimes we chose to Screw Destiny and do what we have to do.

If i have a complain is the sometimes childly comedy but it isn't that bad.


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