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05:12:16 PM Aug 17th 2014
//Because there's not a clear female lead, or all the female characters take a back seat to serve as cheerleaders, also makes the series cash on hormoned Fangirls by attracting them with a Cast Full of Pretty Boys.//

... Uh, I'm not sure what the editor means. And I'm not being passive-aggressive: I really don't understand why the existence of "hormoned fangirls" qualifies as Unfortunate Implications — MANY Shonen Jump series have "hormoned fangirls", after all.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding stuff, so I'm placing it here just in case.
12:07:29 AM Aug 18th 2014
Plus, the current Unfortunate Implications entry lacks th requisite citations, so I've pulled it. Neither does the one you removed, either, so it can stay off as well:
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