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06:12:17 AM Apr 26th 2012
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Die for Our Ship: Hitomi-sensei. How could that stupid woman ever dare to think Soubi could like her, and Soubi is sooooo right in humiliating and verbally abusing her, really. (Yeah, he's a Broken Bird and all, but his treatment of Hitomi is still shitty and very uncalled for.)
  • The first time Soubi meets her, she introduces herself as Ritsuka's teacher. Due to Minami Ritsu's existence, that is the worst way she could introduce herself to Soubi. (To be fair, Hitomi truly had no way to know about that.) Later on in the manga, she is worried about Ritsuka and calls Soubi to find out about Ritsuka. After that the relationship between Soubi and Hitomi becomes far less awful.
  • He also said he was "stopping Hitomi from falling in love with him before it happened". This is notably after she introduced herself as Ritsuka's teacher and was acting very nervous and withdrawn toward Soubi. He also notably asked for her age, then stated he doesn't like people older than him. It's safe to say he's had his fair share of teachers enjoying his presence, and certainly does not want it happening again. The Manga DEFINITELY shows the look in his eyes when she says it can't possibly happen (her loving him).


This has been going on in the YMMV thread and needs to be discussed here.


Personally, I don't think people would pair Soubi off with Hitomi even if she WAS male. She is a teacher, and that stemed his instant dislike of her. If she were a guy, he would've treated her the same way, if not WORSE, in light of the fact that Ritsu is a male teacher. As for the "cheering" thing, hell. Seimei treats Soubi like shit, and Seimei fans are definitely cheering him on. It's not just pairing fandoms - it's also character fandoms that cause this.
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