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09:52:27 AM Oct 25th 2017
I still don't get why the Guns N' Roses references in the names of the Mega Man X5 are supposedly "cringe-worthy".
09:02:47 PM Oct 10th 2014
Okay, I looked more into the claim previously on this page that Frei(JP) was male, and as far as I can figure, it comes from a misreading of The Other Wiki that I was also guilty of — it claims (correctly) that Frei (more properly Frey or Freyr) was male in the original mythology, but in a way that it's easy to misread as claiming the character was in the Japanese version. The status of the mythological figure being male isn't really relevant to this page and isn't what "She's a Man in Japan" is about, though.
01:48:05 AM Apr 21st 2014
The HD Remaster of FFX restores Yuna's original (Japanese version) line in the ending sequence. It's one of the very few changes the game has from the PS2 PAL version (which it's a very slight bit closer to than it is to the International version, despite the claims of being based off the latter).
04:33:54 AM Jan 29th 2012
I don't think the page image is appropriate for Woolseyism, since it's an example of bad translation.
01:04:14 PM Nov 18th 2010
Any reason my Japantown info way removed? I'm not sating its perfect but changing Ace Attorney to California makes more sense than moving it to anywhere else in America.
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