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Heroic Jay: As I already described on the Woolseyism Discussion page before the split, only two of Kefka's funny lines were changed significantly in the transition from the SNES version to the GBA version. Two. And both are already mentioned on the page. Subjective schmubjective; this goes beyond They Changed It, Now It Sucks. This is Did Not Do The Research. It's an outright lie to say (as the page used to say) "In addition, the remake removed a lot of the lines Woolsey had added for Kefka to bring him closer to the original Japanese characterization of him", unless you define "a lot" as "two". Ultros got some significant alterations to his dialogue (primarily, he doesn't say he wants to eat the characters in FF 6 on the GBA), but not Kefka (beyond the "submariner"/"sandworm" line and what used to be "HATE HATE HATE HATE".)

Additionally, it is also an outright lie to say that Kefka was ever meant to be a serious character, even in the Japanese version of the game. He was just silly in a Japanese way instead of an American way. Admittedly, this wasn't claimed prior to my edit per se; just implied.

Heroic Jay again: Please don't make this into an edit war. I'm starting to notice that a lot of people have been complaining about you regarding that, Drunk_Samurai. Can you even name a third one-liner by Kefka that was removed in the GBA version of the game? If anything, Kefka got more one-liners there than ever! (Consider the "too much boring and not enough burning" line, or how Kefka adds, after "we need not show mercy...", "which is good, because I don't have any." [paraphrased, I don't remember the exact line])