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06:20:30 PM Dec 30th 2013
Apologies in advance if I'm being petty/uncivil about this, but I really don't think we need a My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic fanfic where Twilight Sparkle gets pregnant by her own brother listed as an example. See below:

I don't know if this violates site policy or anything (and I probably should, honestly), but I think this is pretty creepy and not really a good thing to have on this page. The fic doesn't even have a page on the wiki, and I know this is a moot point, but MLP: FiM is a children's show. What (if anything) should be done?
06:54:32 PM Jan 20th 2014
Yes, because the Utopia Justifies the Means ideals of The Conversion Bureau, The Corruption and Cold-Blooded Torture of The Immortal Game, and Fallout: Equestria which takes place After the End are totally for children.

And that's not even getting into things that actually try to be reprehensible, like CheerileesGarden.

Children's show, yes. Children's fanfiction? Hell no.
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