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10:40:16 PM Feb 15th 2015
Regarding Broken Aesop:

"In "Gorilla", the episode starts off with the rest of the Titans annoyed by Robin's Control Freak ego and Beast Boy deals him a Break the Haughty, usurping Robin as leader and with Raven and Starfire quickly favoring Beast Boy. Robin later earns his position as leader back from Beast Boy by being the bigger "alpha male" and the Titans happily return under his leadership. So... what was learned, exactly?"

What was learned was, as much as Robin's Control Freak tendencies annoy them, he far surpasses Beast Boy in terms of leadership. Just look at all the things Gorilla!Beast Boy has them do: Defending Monkey Bars? (From kids, no less?) Fighting alligators just because they're "a gorilla's natural enemy"? Setting free all the animals at the zoo? And just look at what happens to the tower when Beast Boy takes over.
04:31:40 PM Jun 28th 2014
Season 2 hasn't been disappointing, so far. They seem to have been able to improve on the weird/funny parts, without going crazy with it. (Á la Saints Row 2 -> Saints Row 3.) Also, it might just be me, but it seems like the subtitle for this season should be Teen Titans Go Season 2: BBRAE Intensifies.
12:58:14 AM Nov 12th 2013
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I've added in folder options but hid them in order to help organize the page once people start potholing examples regarding the comic based on this cartoon. Once people start adding in examples, they should be revealed on the page proper (by deleting the percent [%] symbols once that happens).

If it turns out I jumped the gun on this, feel free to delete them, but I'll be adding in folder options anyway as soon as people begin to add examples that are only relevant to the comic adaption.
03:20:14 AM Sep 3rd 2013
Super Robin: How exactly is creating a perfect utopian society, living long, peaceful and fulfilling life and dieing of the old age makes up tropes Blessed With Suck and Tearjerker? They are not played straight, they were invoked and parodied.
02:03:21 AM Nov 10th 2013
The fourth (unless it's been changed since I wrote this) variation listed on Blessed with Suck is "the blessing is actually beneficial - but extenuating circumstances have ruined the potential fun." Robin doesn't live a fulfilling life, he's bored and lonely because the Titans have disbanded and there's nothing exciting left to do (remember that the characters in "Go!" are basically parodies of previous versions of the characters, and care more about having fun and doing cool stuff than helping people).

And Tearjerker is probably because he dies at the end, after having been estranged from all his friends.
12:59:51 PM May 26th 2013
Am I the only one endlessly amused by the fact that Raven's bathrobe has a hood?
03:22:12 AM Sep 3rd 2013
I've seen such IRL.
01:29:02 PM Apr 27th 2013
"•Lost My Appetite: Raven says this after Beast Boy sticks his finger into her pie."

Really guys, this is a FAMILY website. There's no reason to be so descriptive.
03:06:44 PM Apr 27th 2013
What's the problem? It's legit.
04:20:10 PM Apr 27th 2013
Type "pie" into urban dictionary and you'll see what I'm getting at,
05:42:54 PM Apr 27th 2013
Raven said that after Beast Boy stuck his finger into the pie — as in, the dessert — that she was eating. Sometimes, a pie is just a pie, amigo...
04:21:22 AM Apr 28th 2013
Not sure if serious...
04:38:54 AM Apr 28th 2013
I'm not, so you can relax.
10:17:50 AM Apr 28th 2013
All right. It's not always easy to determine on the Internet, unfortunately.
01:19:56 AM May 15th 2013
Guys you are arguing over a cartoon that has real guns and the word die in it Getting Crap Past the Radar is the least of your problems.
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