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The Customer is always right~ Hobgoblinnote 

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  • In case anyone's wondering, I'm male. I just prefer to use cute/female avatars just because. I get mistaken for female regularly on the internet, so I figure this is an appropriate place to clear that up.
  • My handle is the result of me forgetting the word "Customizer", which I'm frankly glad I didn't roll with.
  • I speak in parentheses a lot.note 
  • I also edit myself several times, whether on pages or on the forums. This mostly stems from me failing to proofread my text occasionally, or general tiredness.
  • I'm fickle with my avatars, so they're cycled around constantly. Which is why I try to keep my avatar title and signature line the same.
  • I am a lover of 2D gaming, as well as gaming in general. My favorite genres tend to be Beat Em Ups, Role-Playing Games, various types of Action Games, Platform Games, and the like.
  • I can be considered a Nintendo fan, since I tend to buy and play their systems the most. I own most other consoles though, with Sony being the go-to secondary gaming company for me.
  • In particular, I play on my handheld systems a lot more than my consoles.
  • My favorite franchises/games are Kingdom Hearts, Mega Man, World of Mana, Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Mario Bros., Pokémon, Shin Megami Tensei, Digimon, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, anything by Vanillaware, anything by WayForward Technologies, Dead or Alive, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, and probably some more that have slipped my mind at the moment.

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