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12:58:10 PM Jul 23rd 2012
I would like to ask why the Nightmare Fuel page for Ben 10 was cancelled. Does it mean we can't redo it ?
01:38:08 PM Jul 23rd 2012
There was a massive cleanup of nightmare fuel pages recently; if the old page was in the High Octane Nightmare Fuel namespace, it would have been cut, though content should have been moved first. Feel free to recreate the page again here.
04:40:41 AM Jul 24th 2012
Okay, thanks a lot for answering; I was afraid to cause an Edit War if I tried to complete it again.
06:26:05 PM Mar 24th 2012
Ok, for those who don't grasp Leet Speak or Studly Caps what's the significance of the license plate under Getting Crap Past the Radar: S 81 ZIM?
07:30:50 AM Mar 29th 2015
It reads out "sadism"
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