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06:17:03 PM Jun 28th 2014
I think Questionable Content's website crashed today. I hate when that kind of stuff happens.
02:43:11 AM Sep 14th 2013
This doesn't look like an example.
  • Ominous Owl: Faye blames owls when people wake up after being knocked out by her twice, in strips 150 and 1819.
05:20:39 AM Jul 10th 2013
I seem to have forgotten this, but how is QC part of the Walkyverse? The QC page just says it's because Amanda had a fling with a DS character, and the DS page says it's connected to the Walkyverse because the DS character had a fling with Amanda... which doesn't explain the connection to the Walkyverse.
07:10:18 AM Oct 8th 2014
I'm going to pull these from both pages.
05:24:12 AM Jun 25th 2013
Dale is going to work at Coffe of Doom. I'm rejoicing.
10:09:22 AM Mar 26th 2013
Happy Dance. Fixing up some really minor things. Be back in 20 minutes to continue the rest. Ellipses, spaces, spoilers.

Ignore this, this is just some notes for when I continue. (message me if any of my edits screw anything up, so I know).
11:03:09 AM Nov 19th 2012
The reason I added Claire being trans as Wham Episode is because even many members of Jeph's forum were caught off guard by her revelation to Marten. That was my exact reaction as well. It's not that Jeph's views on inclusion aren't well known, but more that it was just totally unexpected by many.
12:49:46 PM Nov 19th 2012
I think the key phrase in the Wham Episode description is "radically alter the status quo". The revelation in question is genuinely surprising, but nothing we've seen so far suggests that it presages a major change to the status quo.
11:48:26 PM Nov 19th 2012
edited by Westrim
Darn, the system is really bad about notifying that something is going on in discussion pages. This conversation just happened in P Ms (and led to two edits); my response reflects my view on the topic:

Blast Hardcheese: That wham line entry was appropriate. I'm putting it back in. "A scene is headed in one direction, then the line is uttered. Afterwards, the scene is going somewhere very, very different. For it to be effective the audience must not see it coming not just not knowing the exact information, but not expecting any kind of surprising even significant line there at all."

That has nothing to do with the longevity of a character or how well established they are. It has everything to do with surprising the audience by changing the course of a scene with a single line of dialogue.

Westrim: Also from the Wham Line page: "The line itself has to radically change the plot in itself." The plot of the series (EDIT: or even of the lake house, unless we see otherwise) isn't changing.

Also, the scene wasn't headed in any direction (except inside), and it didn't change direction, it just paused a moment for her revelation.

04:00:02 PM Jun 11th 2012
edited by Westrim
If it was a Jerkass Realization, then she wouldn't be snapping at him 10 seconds later. She's just reacting to someone speaking firmly and directly to her in the third panel and to the dirty looks of her fellow students in the fourth panel, not realizing something fundamental about her actions. It's not the trope (be advised that while double checking that, I edited the trope description to be more clear, so feel free to check its history for the previous version.)
04:21:20 PM Jun 11th 2012
edited by battosaijoe
I think someone can have a Jerkass Realization and then go back to being Jerkass afterwards. The description of Jerkass Realization doesn't preclude a return to Jerkass. Marten's words make it very clear that she was being unfair to him, and she realizes this and apologizes. The following incident is irrelevant to the previous realization.
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