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05:06:13 AM Jul 16th 2010
  • There's Atsuki. Pick any guy character and it would be considered Ho Yay. The two obvious ones are Akira and Liu Yee.
    • In fact, because of Atsuki, Akira has one of the biggest character developments in the series (besides Yayoi). He starts out as a typical punk but once the Silent is removed, he's calmer and is able to think on his own. You see him once per episode game wise and he's always thinking about Atsuki. Heck just say his pick up line is "You're so mysterious." Everyone else will say that to Atsuki once but Akira mentions that multiple times to the point where you got to wonder...
  • There's also the relationship between Kiryu and Ryo. You can probably say that Hibiki is in love with Ryo if you pay attention to the dialogue.
    • The archive scene that explains how Ryo and his manager have a good working relationship and why Hibiki left pretty much sums it up. Hibiki is obviously jealous of Ai going as far to call her cute and attractive. Ryo however takes this as Hibiki being a Casanova. However, if you pay attention to his overall expression, he is not the least bit happy when he compliments Ai. That entire archive, Hibiki feels like he lost to her as she was able to get Ryo to work with customers which is something Hibiki couldn't get him to do. It's to be noted that when Hibiki tells Ryo that he was worried about him, that Ai interrupted him saying how she was worried that Ryo would be locked out of the store. Ironically, she only knew him from the previous manager, so it's kind of weird how she would know about Ryo's habit if she hasn't met him in person.
    • The feelings might not be one sided. Ryo was worried sick for Kiryu who left without saying anything to him. Going as far to call him "too pure" to Atsuki kind of hints at something. And we all know Hibiki is far from being an angel...

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05:15:51 AM Jul 16th 2010
Break The Cutie : Examples

  • In Rui's case, she keeps seeing her customers killing herself or someone else in her fortune telling, to where she thinks she's losing her powers or having them go haywire. When Mako is stabbed protecting Mika and dies, she thinks it's her fault for not being able to prevent the tragedy. Said tragedy makes her sister change drastically, to the point where Yui asks Rui if she'll find the killer, which foreshadows the Bad Ending when Yui kills Lt. Tanaka and others in the Police Station. Since Rui is known for her accuracy, she breaks down at the mention of her deceased father amongst everything else. It's Yayoi who snaps her out of it.
  • In Yayoi's case, it's mainly due to Silent, but being jealous of her little sister (with foster-parents who rely on Yayoi to be Nami's 'mother') causes Yayoi to isolate herself from everyone. She was thinking of committing group suicide with others from a chatroom, but they killed themselves without her and she panicked. After Atsuki finds her, she's talking to herself about how she's all alone now, and you can infer that she had a knife with her for the purpose of suicide. Once the Silent is removed, Yayoi undergoes major character development that helps Rui out of her jam.
  • With Mika, while it's pretty bad, she moves on with her life and becomes more determined. She was targeted by last year's killer, but she wasn't traumatized at the fact that she could have been killed. Said killer goes after Mika again, stalking her, and then a copycat killer tries to murder her. If it weren't for Mako taking the bullet for her, Mika would have been dead. This event traumatizes her to the point where her genki girl persona disappears completely and she literally breaks down. However, her resolve to find the killer hardened her resolve, so of course the serial killer goes after her AGAIN and almost succeeds. You would think that's enough, but the big bad has other plans for her: When Mika decides to find Rui's 'lover', she gets kidnapped by Graham and goes missing. If you're heading for the Good Ending, Mika returns, Infected by Silent, and sent to capture her best friend. When it's removed, she goes back to normal.
  • And then poor Nami: When she started caring for the cat Mint, it disappeared on her and you spend the entirety of episode 19 searching for the Silent-infected cat (that's apparently killing humans). Mint is already dead, so Nami ends up grieving... and then the witch hunt happens, and everyone in town starts going after Rui and Nami. Nami doesn't hide, instead going with Melody to find the one who caused the riots. This results in Graham destroying Melody's mind, reducing her to a 'normal' dog that Nami can no longer talk to. Nami goes into an unstoppable rage that isn't enough to stop Graham and results in her capture, but thanks to Atsuki she's saved before Graham could absorb her powers permanently.

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04:37:32 AM Jul 16th 2010
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  • What Hibiki means during this scene is that animals kill each other for food and domination of the tribe. Humans kill for petty reasons like anger, hate, sorry and jealousy or no reason at all.
    • He doesn't know much about dolphins, does he?
    • I don't think that many people know that dolphins can also be killers. Additionally, dolphins amongst other mammals are the few exceptions to what Hibiki said.

That's so not true it isn't even funny. Every goddamn animal in the world has killed its young, often for $hits and giggles; dolphins, chimpanzees, wild dogs, insects, birds, every animal that's still 'wild' and even some that humanity has domesticated. Mankind is the only species that, as a whole, even cares a little bit about things like infanticide. Whether or not your average gamer would know this makes no difference to the fact that Hibiki - and thus the writers - were wrong: Most gamers probably didn't catch the Nietzsche references either, but they were still there.

The entire point that Hibiki is trying to make is that the 'natural' world, without the artifices of Man, is superior to the world of violence that Man has created; this is patently ridiculous, as Man is really the only species that gives a damn about trying to maintain peace even when it's not advantageous, and that's thanks to the same parts of humanity that also give birth to sadness, anger, fear, and even hate (which are hardly petty reasons, and often spring from the fact that a person experienced things to make them sad, angry, afraid, or hateful— See the examples of characters in-game).

I could believe that Atsuki's suspicious outlook during that scene is plot-related, a way to foreshadow that Hibiki is wrong about other things and being influenced by Edward's beliefs. As we find out when Atsuki faces off with Edward, Atsuki's personal belief - for all that he seems apathetic - is the exact opposite of Hibiki's and Edward's, and why Atsuki's able to overcome the Big Bad at the end: He ultimately believes not in the power of fate but of flawed humans, the Mankind that Hibiki and Edward (and to some extent Graham) disdained, whether or not those humans have powers. That's sort of the point of a large part of the game, including the scenes during the rioting/attack where we see the non-psychic characters calming the rioters, evacuating people to safety, and so on even while the mob and the soldiers demonstrate the 'bad' parts of Mankind.

tl;dr : Hibiki was wrong; the thing about 'humans being the only animals to kill their own kind' is a disproved chestnut usually only trotted out by Greenpeace and other animal-rights groups, who aren't concerned so much with truth as a nice sound-byte. Whether Hibiki was wrong because of plot-reasons or because the writers Didn't Do The Research is up to the individual to decide, but it doesn't change the fact that he was, in fact, wrong.

Moved it here from the main page because it's becoming majorly natter-y anyway, and I didn't want to add to the problem, yet I also wanted to respond. So, yeah. Sorry about the rant: This particular subject Just Bugs Me.
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