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For those that are wondering about the big Guide Dang It! in Lux-Pain, here's a (spoiler-marked) summary of Episode 7: Towards the end of Episode 6, some information gets leaked out indicating a mass suicide will occur the day of Episode 7. Yayoi is absent from school, and after meeting Mika at the school cafe, the news will run an article based on the known mass suicide info. the police use this data and seal off the part of town where the mass suicide will take place, and you leave school early upon being contacted by Natsuki and Nola due to Natsuki finding a HELL of a lot of terrible Shinen in the town. Additionally, Nami calls you worried about her sister, Yayoi. The game highly advises you save at this point, because from that point on, every move brings you closer to a game over. To the best of my (kitsunezeta) knowledge, here's the bare-minimum moves necessary to finish the sequence:

  • Go to The (Jumping) Tower. use sigma.
  • Go to Production Art Gallery. use sigma.
  • Go to Pumpkin Witch. Ask about Special Place
  • Go to anywhere. you need to use one turn up for Nami to get going.
  • Go to TOY BOX. Nami will say Yayoi's not there and that she has no clue where she could be.
  • Go to Yuhigaoka. use sigma, get the worm, defeat the silent.

as an additional note, for the entire episode past the start of the sequence, Natsuki is pretty much useless.