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06:36:09 PM Jan 9th 2011
Shouldn't Ramza, Cid and Delita get the trope badass. Not only did Ramza save the world he was doing it while almost everbody wanted him dead. Delita outsmarted all of the big bads and Cid is just badass.

05:29:22 PM Jan 10th 2011
Cid is badass, that's true. Delita... Perhaps. He is a Manipulative Bastard and a Magnificent Bastard (YMMV), but he doesn't really do anything to earn the title. Badass, as far as my awareness of it goes, does not extend to executing a Xanatos Roulette. And Ramza... Well, I'd go as far as to say he's a Badass Normal, except for the PSP version where he can become a Dark Knight.
06:12:58 AM Apr 22nd 2010
Noticed an empty character page (OK, it had Ramza's name and nothing else) so I started writing. Note that I haven't played this game in about a year, and I don't remember who's a White Lion and who is a Black Lion. Someone who knows can put someone on a side and I can filter the rest pretty easily. Like if Dycedarg is a White Lion I can put Zalbag on there too and put TG Cid on the Black Lions.
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