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  • Downer Ending: Ovelia, having never had any freedom or happiness in her life, dies after trying to stab Delita, who has also never known true happiness and lost everyone that ever meant anything to him; including Ovelia if you believe that he truly loved her. Olan/Orran is burned at the stake. And depending on how you interpret the ending, your entire main party died too. At least you still managed to save the world... except that the Corrupt Church is still around and abusing power left and right—including by suppressing the story of how you saved the world—they just don't have demons to do it with any more. The official history, in fact, records you as the villain.
    • Funeral is dead, and the actual plot was specifically his. The lucavi, additionally, were never working for the church in the first place. They were keeping their existence a secret, and there is no indication that ANYONE knew about them other than Ramza and the people they killed. The point of the Zodiac Brave Story was Ramza stopping the Lion War (which was suppressed), the entire demon plot is actually ancillary from a historical perspective.

I'm no scholar, but surely someone who knows more than I can look through at this and the current one and see if there's any way to reconcile into one entry. - Rakuen

Mr Death: Okay, what was the point of taking the big spoiler block off Downer Ending and replacing it with scattered spoilers? It's still incomprehensible with just those spoilers.

Rakuen - Archiving this from the "Blind Idiot" Translation section, as it's more appropriate here. Delete if you feel the need.

  • That's because comparing the original script, the bad translation on PS 1, and the Olde English PSP version reveals that the PS 1 version is closer to the intent, though still kinda Narmy. Notably, some of the more direct lines are completely obscured by the Purple Prose, to the point where the guy in charge of the stuff forgot exactly what it was that he'd translated. Several lines are arbitrarily changed to shift the focus of a character's speech from one character to another. And sometimes it's simply the concept of taking a simple declaration and neutering it for the sake of making it sound pretty... And statements like "Algus, I'll kill you!" shouldn't be made to sound pretty.
  • That, and the main reason people wanted a new translation was that the original story was so god-damned hard to understand because of the poor translation. Now, the story's hard to understand because the translation was done by someone jerking off to a copy of Shakespeare's Complete Works, which is in no way an improvement. Instead, we get to choose between Narm and Purple Prose, with the added "benefit" of only one new scene of interest.

Mr Death: Nuked the Kill 'em All entry. First off, the page does not need a listing of every single named character to appear in the game, especially if it's spoilered. Secondly, as has been mentioned before, Ramza and his whole party dying is one possible interpretation of the ending, and is not confirmed by the game itself. Hell, the credits-sequence in the PSP remake shows Ramza and Alma riding along on their chocobos, stopping at a stream for water, etc, implying that, yes, they are alive.