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01:50:47 AM Apr 30th 2014
please make a 3rd version of games some of us are not able to play 1st person
05:21:30 AM Apr 30th 2014
Pardon, but I think you should ask whoever made the games, rather than here.
07:11:20 PM Feb 5th 2014
I may be a bit rusty in my memory of the game series, but I think we should have the games in the series have their own pages, much like some others like the Deus Ex series for example.
12:48:09 AM Jun 29th 2013
Would this be considered a plot hole? A guy doing a video walkthrough mentioned being confused by something in the lost city, if Garrett needs that special key to access the lost city, how did the mages get down there?
07:06:12 PM Jun 29th 2013
One could easily suggest that there's more than one way into Karath-Din. The Mechanists found another way in the second game, for example.
09:00:48 PM Jun 20th 2012
I think we need a character sheet. i new and i dont know how to make one
12:21:49 AM Jun 21st 2012
Create it at this link. Look around some of the other character pages to get an idea of what to do.
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