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04:53:21 PM Mar 10th 2017
I haven't played the 2014 game, so I don't know if it contradicts this (or how canonical that should be considered if it does), but under The Magic Goes Away, my own remembrance of the plot element in Thief 3 was that the effect wiped out all existing Keeper glyph magic, clearing the libraries whose accumulated power, handwritten and hidden/locked away/sealed over the decades, granted them their mystic abilities. However, it did nothing to stop more glyphs from being written - while the Keepers were stripped of their current power, forced to scuttle their mostly defenseless holdings and broken as an organization, nothing was blocking them from starting to rebuild to their previous point. The only thing lacking was leadership and will, with Garrett now feeling obligated to provide those.
01:50:47 AM Apr 30th 2014
please make a 3rd version of games some of us are not able to play 1st person
05:21:30 AM Apr 30th 2014
Pardon, but I think you should ask whoever made the games, rather than here.
07:11:20 PM Feb 5th 2014
I may be a bit rusty in my memory of the game series, but I think we should have the games in the series have their own pages, much like some others like the Deus Ex series for example.
12:48:09 AM Jun 29th 2013
Would this be considered a plot hole? A guy doing a video walkthrough mentioned being confused by something in the lost city, if Garrett needs that special key to access the lost city, how did the mages get down there?
07:06:12 PM Jun 29th 2013
One could easily suggest that there's more than one way into Karath-Din. The Mechanists found another way in the second game, for example.
09:00:48 PM Jun 20th 2012
I think we need a character sheet. i new and i dont know how to make one
12:21:49 AM Jun 21st 2012
Create it at this link. Look around some of the other character pages to get an idea of what to do.
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