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09:53:12 PM Jan 17th 2017
edited by LucaEarlgrey
From the Harder Than Hard entry:
  • The difficulties in Challenge and Series mode are Basic, Expert, and Ultimate. Expert can be challenging, and Ultimate tracks range from incredibly hard to the stuff of nightmares. Dark Notes get even harder at higher levels, with potentially any song being not only very fast and difficult, but throwing spinning notes at you that will always trip you up until you learn their patterns after enough trial and error, and the enemies in Dark Notes BMSes can kill you in comparatively few hits. At that point the game goes from "Harder Than Hard" to "The Developers Actively Want You To Lose".

The part in italic doesn't seem to qualify as an example of the trope (harder difficulty level above one that's already labeled as "hard" or something similar) so I've snipped it. However, I've only played Curtain Call and All-star Carnival and don't know how Dark Notes in OG Theatrhythm work, so correct me if I"m wrong.
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