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05:23:51 PM Sep 10th 2014
Isn't the example under Broken Aesop a single subversion and not a double subversion? The explanation ends with saying the Aesop is unbroken, so it's either a single subversion or a zig-zag, right?
01:12:18 AM Sep 11th 2014
That seems more like Square Peg Round Trope to me; it reads like "consequences happen" which is not what this is about, so I've pulled it:
  • Broken Aesop: Double subversion. Given the game's gambit pileup, it's almost inevitable. Trust your partner winds up appearing pretty broken, given that Joshua not only did in fact kill Neku, but Joshua also set up all the events of the game. Then it gets unbroken as Neku's trust in Joshua causes Joshua to change his mind about destroying Shibuya.
03:04:19 PM Sep 14th 2012
On the main page the link to the manga doesn't work.
01:39:49 AM Feb 20th 2012
It's a wonderful world MOVIE vs the Alternate title for this GAME... They're different, and the list for "Screwball Comedy" has the movie in there, and links to this article by means of a redirect... Um... Maybe there SHOULDN'T be a redirect. Maybe the MAIN article for that should be the one that actually HAS that title (not just one possible way to translate the title) and link to TWEWY as an aside saying "If you were looking for the game..."
01:35:22 PM Jan 8th 2012
The following needs context, so I took it off. See How to Write an Example.