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08:09:03 AM Jun 6th 2015
edited by Lheticus
Someone undid my recent edit, saying that it wasn't clear how everything I stated classes Wart as Dangerously Genre Savvy. All my points were on how the 6th world, which is basically Wart's home and strongest line of defense against anyone coming for him, continually subverts player expectations. Assuming a Watsonian perspective, would not designing your defenses to be subvertingly different from anything would-be heroes would have faced to that point be Dangerously Genre Savvy?
06:43:56 AM Jan 24th 2013
edited by MithrandirOlorin
5 Bad Band
10:19:05 PM May 31st 2013
I'm not sure this can fully apply.

Namely because outside of the characters all being villains, they're not known as a specific related group outside of the Cartoon, where they work together.

It's just random villains. I'm not sure the other tropes even apply correctly besides Big Bad and The Dark Chick.
12:10:25 PM Jun 28th 2011
It's nice of you to move this to the correct namespace BUT please take always care of the redirects and indexes (or indices? Not sure...) FIRST. Sooner or later someone has to fix them anyway.
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