Tropers: Grobi

Twitter-page, Tweets in German (most of them, anyway)

I'm a 24 years old German note  Troper. Sarcastic, cynical. Sometimes I get lost in my own little world, however. Then I'll often transform into a Talkative Loon. Avid gamer. Anime-Fan. Uses Beige Prose quite often. Generalistic Wiki Curator (correcting Redlinks, Natter or formatting mistakes wherever I see them). I do have humour.

HATE Trope Decay and Square Peg Round Trope-entries. Try to fight misuse of The Chick, Narm, Xanatos Gambit etc. whenever I can (but I don't think there's hope for Crazy Awesome...).

I really, really, really like the Laconic Wiki note . I also created many Laconic Wiki-entries myself.

I know, I know: I Sound Like A Retard In English (however, I am quite eloquent in my native tongue, German - and some people also think my English is Surprisingly Good) . Never My Fault. Bad teachers.

Pages I created:

...And that's it. I just have more fun when I add something to existing pages; launching them isn't my schtick.

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  • Sergeant Luke says hello! And despite what you insist on reminding us at every opportunity, your English is actually very good.
  • Frank75 war hier.
  • Edgy: Grobi, you are a hero among tropers! Thanks for fighting off the spam!
  • Herr Kman: I know very little German, but I did understand your greeting. Dankeschön for the comment, Grobi! See you around! :D
  • Sunny Rae: You have been VANDALIZED back :3
  • Clarabell: Und ich war hier.