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11:28:23 AM Feb 6th 2014
With Puyo Tetris flying about, where would any related tropes fall under? (and I haven't found any clean rips of the Puyo Tetris art.)
04:16:03 PM Feb 6th 2014
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I personally think that the main page is getting kind of bloated. If there's enough story stuff to make Puyo Tetris its own page (and I'm sure that there is), it might be best to go that route.

Similarly, any of the older games that have enough unique tropes to justify its own page should probably be split off, as well.

[Edit] Or maybe we don't go through all of that trouble and use folders to separate general/gameplay/story tropes.
10:10:33 PM May 4th 2013
You think we should drop in Puyo Quest info? I'm also considering adding in the new art for the side characters (Minotauros, Seriri, etc.) on the Chara page.

Speaking of side characters, why doesn't Dongurigaeru and Tarutaru have a section on the Chara page? o-o
08:21:12 AM May 5th 2013
The more games that are touched upon, the better.

I'm of the opinion that everyone should have an entry on the Character page. Maybe exclude one-note characters like many of the guys from Tsu, but that's it. I also think that the Fever characters should be split into two groups like the Madou characters are.
11:31:48 PM Dec 7th 2012
So I stumbled upon this major call back which is summarized in my tumblr: http://schezoroark.tumblr.com/post/37385806263/something-mind-blowing-i-just-found-out

What trope would this fall under?
02:22:35 PM Jan 6th 2013
edited by pommykun
Seems like another Call Back. I'd put it under that, but it could also count as a Stealth Insult to Rulue.