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09:53:25 AM Oct 26th 2017
Can someone tell me why I can't create additional sub-pages for this game like "Funny" "Heartwarming" "Tearjerker" and "Nightmare Fuel" pages? There's plenty in the game for all 4 categories?
04:42:13 PM Oct 26th 2017
edited by jormis29
Just change the namespace to the appropriate one like No Man's Sky or No Man's Sky and it will take you to a pages that you can turn into sub-page
08:46:05 PM Aug 22nd 2016
edited by ThraggLootrippa
Trope question: This troper has been playing the game, and noticed that when the Space Pirates attack the player, the Sentinels don't step in and help fight them off. But if the player accidentally hits an alien ship at all, the Sentinels immediately warp in and start shooting the player. Does this count as My Rules Are Not Your Rules as the player isn't protected by the Space Police, or is there a more appropriate trope?
09:55:25 PM Aug 22nd 2016
07:27:48 AM Aug 23rd 2016
11:11:39 PM Aug 16th 2016
I don't have the time to get into it right now, but this game's page contains way too much promotional material, a lot of which isn't even accurate. For instance, the "alliance meters" in the game are bare-bones at best, and the examples given for how they work don't actually occur in the game.
11:33:44 PM Aug 16th 2016
Should all of that be squeezed into "What Could Have Been", or is there a different trope that better fits it?
08:40:23 PM Aug 22nd 2016
What Could Have Been would work, if we put what the developers claimed would be in the final product, and then what is actually in the game. I haven't found another trope that fits and/or can't remember another one.

That alliance system doesn't actually do much. I helped a Vy'keen dude build a nuke that he was going to fire at the Gek, and the Gek didn't care whatsoever.
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