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11:07:35 AM Feb 12th 2018
I'm not entirely certain how to classify this as a trope, but there's a line of dialogue that the Analytics Director will randomly say when checking in at Provisions Management that has some fairly big implications about the Monster Hunter world and its level of technology.

Occasionally, he'll talk about his sister, the Captain of the Third Fleet. He mentions that she's a biologist first and foremost and has understanding of monster, human, felyne, and wyverian anatomy like no one else. However, her specialty is neuroscience, suggesting that at the very least they have advanced medicine beyond what the setting suggests.
07:08:39 PM Oct 7th 2017
Shouldn't Stories have its own page?
09:45:49 PM Aug 7th 2015
edited by wrm5
I removed this:

  • Battle Couple:
    • Seltas and Seltas Queen are also an example of this trope, albeit a more abusive relationship.

While several of the other examples are legit, I have a really hard time seeing this one, for a few reasons.

1. Neither of them give two shits about each other, not really anyway. Seltas is nothing more than a drone to sacrifice for his queen's sake, and he only cares about her because of her mind-controlling pheremones.

2. They're not really a "couple." That is, yes, they're mates, but they're not in a relationship; the Seltas is just one of countless drones that serve and can mate with the Queen. If you kill one, she just summons another.

I wouldn't even call them a dysfunctional Battle Couple, I'd say it's just not an example.
01:27:39 AM Aug 8th 2015
It's also fairly vague as to how they fit the trope.
09:21:36 PM Mar 20th 2015
edited by CrazyYanmega
I've noticed several instances of tropes stating that the Cheeko Sands Elder's husband died in his encounter with the Akantor. I feel this informantion is erroneous. I didn't know if I had the authority to correct the information, so I placed my theory and evidence in the WMG. If someone sees this, please post me a response here as to whether or not the reports of his death were greatly exaggerated.

EDIT: Furthermore, Whitescruff was NOT the Palico of the Elder's husband. It was Whitescruff's FATHER, who repeatedly told the poor Whitescruff stories of how the Akantor destroyed the Elder's ship, thus causing Whitescruff to develop a fear of monsters.
06:24:35 AM May 31st 2015
I think it's implied that he died, and you're supposed to think so, but I forget whether or not they ever outright state he died in the fight with the Akantor. I think they use some Never Say "Die" words like "he was lost" or something. Don't you get a letter later on that's heavily implied to be from him, but he can't get to Cheeko Sands because the only way to get there is to lose your way?
08:18:41 AM Mar 17th 2015
Due to how big the page has become, would it be time to divide the tropes into separate pages/subsections and turn the main page into an index?
09:28:05 AM Mar 17th 2015
Maybe. I would start by folderizing it in alphabetic sections.
12:08:47 AM Mar 19th 2015
I've managed to divide the contents first into 3 folders, then into 5 for better readability.
08:37:37 PM Mar 20th 2015
So this is where the folders came from? I thought it was weird they suddenly appeared! o.o Er, is there somewhere on TV Tropes I can make a suggestion for the site? I'm really fed up with the folders I had open closing every time the browser reloads the tab after, y'know, opening another tab to investigate an unfamiliar trope - as one is apt do while enjoying TV Tropes - making me have to re-locate where I left off. Or is there already a way to stop that from happening?

Also is this too off-topic? I'm not an experienced troper, so I apologize if this isn't the appropriate way to ask.
07:31:16 PM Mar 4th 2015
under M Ythology Gag, I kinda got the impression that the person they were scared of was the Moga Fishmongress, not the Hunter. I distinctly remember several lines from the ships' captains expressing their respect for the Hunter and fear of the Mongress. If no one has anything on that, i'm going to go ahead and change it here in a day or two.
08:15:02 AM Mar 17th 2015
edited by Perelandra
In defense of the entry: the Fishmongress is the Val Habar merchant's twin sister, which she herself notes. If it was indeed the Fishmongress the Moga fishermen were referring to, the merchant wouldn't have talked about the character in question as if he or she were an unfamiliar entity, unless the Val Habar merchant lady doesn't really know her sister too well.

It's also entirely possible that the fishermen, despite putting on a Hot Blooded front in Tri, are actually scared of the player character because of his/her achievements during the course of the game, albeit in a respectful manner. That, or they're scared of the Hunter ratting them out to the Fishmongress if they don't return with a haul.
03:54:51 AM Jan 1st 2014
the many Trig game specific mentions often unneeded (as the trope easily applies to 1st, 2nd, & 4th generation games). I guess this is due to Tri being the 1st game available to many new fans of the series (those who never owned Sony consoles/handhelds)
01:51:24 PM Jan 1st 2014
Instead of removing the specific details of those, why not expanding the other generations as well?
08:31:31 PM Jan 1st 2014
The nutrients example was worded so that it would seem nutrients were new to them, where in fact they have been there since the beginning. IDK, maybe it's continuity lockout at work. Started unifying some of the examples. thanks.
08:05:55 AM Mar 17th 2015
I'm in the process of rewording almost every Tri-only example mentioned in the page, but I'm gonna need help due to how extensive everything is.
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