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11:51:38 PM Mar 5th 2015
Re cut requests on subpages: I've declined them, because I am not convinced that the individual works shouldn't have them.
03:00:48 PM Dec 6th 2011
Yoshio Sakamoto said he doesn't consider the Prime series to be in the same canon as Other M. Should that not be mentioned?
07:17:01 AM Dec 7th 2011
If you're referring to the interview I think you are, no, he did not. He said that Prime is another part of the story, not that it's not canon.
08:44:49 PM Oct 20th 2010
Regarding Sap Sacs (the exploding fruit): That kind of evolutionary backpeddling (Eat me! No, wait, on second thought, don't!) isn't entirely unheard of in real life. If more of a plant's seeds end up in animal stomachs than in the ground—and they don't survive the digestive process intact enough to sprout—then there might be a problem. Chili peppers are a real-life example—the seeds can't survive mammal's digestive tracts, so they evolved a nasty chemical to keep browsing herbivores from eating their fruit. (Birds, on the other hand, don't have the same sensitivity—and chili seeds can survive a bird's digestive tract better. Oh, and humans, but we're the Extreme Omnivores of the animal world.) It doesn't seem too unlikely that the Sap Sac suffered the same problem, and evolution discovered that large ruptures that fling the seeds far and wide did a better job then nibbling animal life did.
12:34:23 PM Nov 16th 2010
Feel free to put this into the article.
08:23:02 PM Aug 2nd 2010
there needs to be a character list here?
10:37:44 AM May 6th 2010
"Nintendo declared the North American version was correct"

...Didn't Trilogy use European version's story?
03:01:30 PM Jun 20th 2010
They did, and the European versions changes are there to fix a giant plot hole. I think its safe to say that version is correct.
04:21:47 AM Aug 3rd 2010
edited by Evilest_Tim
Not really. The problem is if you use the EU story, the Prime series isn't canon because it expunges all mention of Samus' backstory and makes it so the Chozo have no idea who she is. I think using the EU version as base for the Trilogy NA version was about game features and sequence break nerfs, not coherent plotting. Certainly, Nintendo did declare that the NA version was right when Metroid Prime was stated to be canon.

Also, from the looks of things the idea was that the Phazon Mines had drilled into the side of the chamber; the Chozo Lore actually says the seal only works from above, even in the EU version. It's not really a plot hole, and "fixing" it created the new question of why Prime happens to look like a Pirate beam trooper.
03:37:19 AM May 2nd 2011
The Choze wouldn't have known who Samus was fifty years before meeting her and even then only a hand full knew who she was.

And yes the idea of Metroid Prime being able to bypass the seal is a major plot hole.
07:12:13 AM Aug 29th 2011
edited by Gamere
In the NA version, the Leviathan hit Tallon IV 20 years before Samus arrived there. Samus is definitely older than 20. The 50 years thing is a retcon made by the PAL version and Corruption seems to be going with that version of the story. The problem with this, if Wikitroid is accurate, is that Tallon IV was said to have been hit with a Leviathan around the same time Aether was, but scans from Echoes say the war has been going on for about 80 years before Samus and the other outsiders made it to the planet (though Wikitroid is saying 70, so I could be wrong about that number; Perhaps the war didn't begin until ten years after the Leviathan hit?)

As for those who knew of her, how do you know which Chozo were aware of her existence and which weren't? There's no evidence to suggest that Samus only interacted with those living on Zebes when she was younger. Even if she never left the planet, the Chozo have been known to interact with other species, so them interacting with eachother makes sense.

Metroid Prime? Well, the story regarding it is screwy regardless of how you look at it... Phaaze does appear to have former shells for other Metroid Primes or similar creatures, so, Trooper weaknesses aside, its entirely possible that it always looked like that. Of course, with Phazon mutations causing Metroids to evolve into Fission Metroids, who require specific beams to dispatch (unless you use a Power Bomb), it's possible that Prime is naturally like a Pirate Trooper...
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