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05:44:54 AM Jun 29th 2015
Can I make a change to the Excuse Plot portion? It states there that the animosity between Michael and Trevor became moot if Ending C is chosen, which is true. But the reason why the animosity came up is wrong. It wasn't because of Brad, it was caused by the fact that Michael lied to Trevor.
05:46:23 AM Mar 9th 2015
edited by badman420
Yeah, I don't think Franklin's car is all that improbably cool. I mean, it is possible that he won it in a race.
07:13:03 AM May 21st 2015
How come no one replies to these things? What's up with that?!
08:39:04 AM May 21st 2015
Discussion pages don't get much traffic from fans, usually. They are more for wiki article maintenance. The Video Game forum is the place for general work discussion instead.
09:33:51 PM Feb 14th 2014
Grand Theft Auto is hardly an Artifact Title. Even though the characters own certain cars, stealing cars is still a central part of the game.
01:06:44 AM Feb 15th 2014
Yeah, that sounds fishy. Remove it.
04:09:56 PM Feb 1st 2014
Under Shout Out:

"A human-made flying saucer had the line "Segregate and Rearrange" written on it."

Uh, is anyone positive that this is a reference to the SCP Foundation...?
02:18:42 AM Feb 2nd 2014
Seems really questionable to me. What in SCP would it be a reference to?
08:23:02 PM Jan 11th 2014
Despoa considers the following part of the page description to be "gushing":
The game was hotly anticipated, partially due to the five-year gap since Grand Theft Auto IV and partially due to rumors that, counting its advertising budget, it was the most expensive video game ever made, costing $265 million. Upon release, it received rave reviews and blew previous records out of the water by earning $800 million in 24 hours. In comparison, there are only 39 movies that have made more than $800 million ever, much less in one day. And then it went on to earn one billion dollars within the short timespan of literally only three days.
Does anyone agree with that sentiment? Personally, I don't think it is, because it's all true information about the game and its reception.
03:30:17 PM Sep 24th 2013
Should we make a character page for characters who appear mostly on each characters' Life Invader pages?
03:01:02 PM Sep 22nd 2013
Does Trevor qualify for a Complete Monster? Because honestly, I think we've all seen characters who have earned the title for a lot less than he accomplishes in the canon...
10:28:00 AM Sep 25th 2013
No, he has Pet the Dog moments, as a number of Freudian Excuses, and legitmatly cares about Michael and his kids.
05:26:20 AM Sep 22nd 2013
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Why do none of the sub pages have a link back to the main page?
12:20:41 PM Aug 15th 2013
Should we consider making a separate page solely for Grand Theft Auto Online?
05:16:33 PM Aug 15th 2013
To me, it seems to mostly be a mash-up of Grand Theft Auto V and the old multiplayer. So I'd say keep the tropes here until it shows more diversion.
01:13:31 AM Sep 20th 2013
Since GTA Online will have it's own story-mode, which I guess will differ quite a bit from the main single player story, we probably should, before it's released.
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