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04:30:54 PM Oct 20th 2017
Would anyone want to do some kind of succession fort on here once the new version rolls out? Either modded or vanilla, doesn't matter to me.
01:33:11 AM Jan 1st 2015
So I've been reading about Waterburned, and I was wondering if anyone wants to have a Masterwork DF(it's one of the more extensive mods) succession game?
04:45:24 AM Jun 11th 2014
It appears that Dwarf Fortress has been categorized as a Touhou Fanwork, if you look at the bottom of the page.

Should this be fixed?
08:33:23 AM Mar 24th 2014
So I've been trying to mod this game a bit, create an entirely new enemy based on Dark Souls 2's Ruin Sentinels. made it as accurate as I possibly could have, even modding in a brand new metal with approximately correct hardness. put it in a duel with a bronze colossus. they immediately killed each other in one blow each. Ruin Sentinel got dismembered by a punch from bronze colossus, while the colossus ate the sentinel's halberd in the neck and got it's head cut off due to the momentum from the lunging punch it used to kill the sentinel.
05:46:10 AM Dec 18th 2012
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If you mix charcoal, brimstone, and saltpeter in-game, do you get a result, or does it not work?
12:17:20 AM Mar 31st 2013
Absolutely nothing. There are actually no explosions in the game at all.
07:44:46 AM Aug 5th 2014
actually fireballs thrown by some creatures and dust clouds kicked up by a cave in are basically explosions.
10:34:35 AM Jan 28th 2012
So, how many fun mods have people made for the game?
01:42:43 PM Aug 18th 2012
Thousands. Literally.
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