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06:46:13 AM Oct 26th 2017
That last paragraph of description seems like a shot out of the blue, after the original concluding paragraph, but I won't just delete it without asking why.
08:55:10 AM Oct 26th 2017
Yeah, that's decidedly not kosher and clearly an edgelord armchair economist. Cutting.
03:07:42 AM Dec 7th 2013
It should read "the largest exporters" when it comes to media. No other country, not even the UK, Japan, or China, even comes close overall. Although some countries can come close to or even exceed the US in one or two categories at most (such as India producing more movies, or Japan possibly making more manga than the US makes comics), the US is the only place in the world that is at or near the top of pretty much every single category of media, and the revenue from American media far exceeds that of any other country. Even with the sheer quantity from Bollywood cannot equal the tenth part of Hollywood revenue. No other country makes a many products as the US combined: Live action movies, live action TV shows, video games, web content, comics, cartoons, 3D animated movies, books, music, and so many other things.
10:59:24 AM Aug 29th 2013
Is there a specific set of criteria for which cities get their own page? I don't want to start writing one only to have it cut.
03:47:56 PM Jan 28th 2014
I'd like an answer to this as well. Some of the cities listed are relatively tiny or unheard of, while other, larger cities are completely left out.
12:15:49 AM Jan 29th 2014
Officially (source), it takes at least 3 mentions in media of fiction for a city to become page-worthy.
06:49:59 PM Aug 14th 2012
Any reason the page is title "the united states" instead of "The United States of America"?
12:59:08 AM Aug 15th 2012
Because that's how the creator of the page made it, it's shorter, and they mean the same thing?
12:28:53 PM Apr 1st 2012
We're makin' pages for all the states now?
10:51:00 AM Jul 5th 2013
That's what I would like to know before putting a lot of effort and research into a meaningless page.
06:09:29 AM Nov 15th 2010
It doesn't seem that any of the pages linked to on this index are actually getting indexed. If you go to a page, say American Gun Politics, the bottom of the page says it's not indexed.
10:05:56 PM Oct 23rd 2010
I'd like to compliment whoever chose this particular map of the USA to use as an illustration. Most US maps put Alaska in a box in the lower-left. I once knew someone who told me that until he was 13, he thought Alaska was south of California. It's good to see an accurate representation for a change.
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