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10:19:21 AM Mar 22nd 2016
A Mexican Cities section, maybe?

I got here searching for a page on Mexico City, which apparently doesn't exist. However, to find that there is not even so much as a sentence on one of the biggest cities in the world and a highly fascinating place by all accounts is rather stunning. Fix, maybe?
10:34:27 AM Mar 22nd 2016
I agree...especially since so many Mexican cities are centers of art and culture. Like Cuernavaca doesn't have a page either
11:51:33 AM Mar 28th 2015
What's up with the way this article is written? It's either super self-deprecating (if Mexican tropers wrote and edited it), or super discriminatory and dismissive (if this wasn't by Mexican tropers).

Come on guys. We can do better.
11:10:01 PM Aug 29th 2015
edited by szmty
I just finished reading it and I've got to say I'm apalled with how it looks. I can assure you that this was written by a Mexican who is reeeaaally suffering the Cultural Cringe. I mean, we've got problems in our country, but it's not THAT bad. After all, if Mexico were a true Banana Republic, there wouldn't be any American or European tourists relaxing in Cancun. Also, the Cristero War (Elías Calles's anti-religion laws) and the "Mexican Miracle" period in the forties and fifties were completely ignored, along with all the other good things. And I would have liked a bit more about the history of Mexican media other than "Televisa and TV Azteca own everything and they're evil". For example, it could've been nice to mention that a Mexican helped to develop color TV by inventing his own system. Or mention movies made during the "Golden Age" of Mexican cinema featuring actors such as Pedro Infante, Pedro Armendáriz and Cantinflas. This page needs a lot of improvements; I think I should help - we have to show the best of ourselves to the world. We can't completely put aside our problems, but we can't ignore our qualities. It's okay to be self-deprecating, but not in excess.
09:04:37 PM Nov 12th 2015
I've just read your reply! I just started an edit on the page on a Word doc, will upload when ready. I think something that's more like Argentina or the US useful notes pages would be a better template - if you're interested in collaborating, please let me know :)
09:50:40 PM May 2nd 2011
I can see my Mazatlan in the map in the wall! :D Squee! :D
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