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Fading Echo: The person who wrote this page (since you clearly had a lot of fun) may be entertained to know about one of Mexico's appearances in fiction: in the Antares novels, Mexico City is the capital of humanity's interstellar empire.

Romanticide: just added a few things, edited others, also there were two french invasion and each one happened decades from each other. :)

Wow, loved this article. Yes, I'm mexican and I think that's the best description of mexicans I've read in my whole life. ~~Anto

Romanticide: Okay people, just one thing. The Liberales can't be defined as La Résistance (only at the French invasion and that was in a late point in their history), and the Conservadores weren't either the Black Shirts, No matter how much our nationalistic "bronze history" want us to think. Both parties were equally known and the power was kind of juggled between the both of them. And not all the Conservadores were monarchists as the ideology of the party was to "preserve" certain social and governing mechanisms that in their opinion worked quite well in the Viceroyalty period, some having to do more with the Church than with the Aristocracy... more like Values Dissonance here as work guys.

Zef: Speaking as another Mexican, whoever added the "Please keep this article from sneaking into Useful Notes On America" earns a Crowning Moment of Funny. I guess the part about self-deprecating humor is right!