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01:27:48 AM May 6th 2016
I think the Wilko Johnson Author Existence Failure should be removed. He's recovered enough that he's touring again and he's said in interviews he'll be happy to come back.
03:31:36 AM Jul 8th 2013
Removed Fake Nationality: For a fantasy series with fantasy countries this trope doesn't make much sense. Of course, plenty of actors fake a British accent for their part, but this is a convention that we mostly owe to Tolkien. Kinda weird, since GRRM is American.
08:56:44 PM Jun 11th 2013
I'm curious about this bullet under Mean Character, Nice Actor:
  • Amusingly, averted by Michael Mc Elhatton (Roose Bolton), in sharp contrast to the other "bad guy" actors.

This seems to be saying that the actor is not a nice guy, which AFAIK you aren't allowed to add (Nice Character, Mean Actor can't have real life examples). Besides that though, what evidence is there (I'm genuinely curious) that the actor is not a nice guy?
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