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08:52:52 AM Feb 25th 2017
edited by DaibhidC
Not sure about this:

Not Using the "Z" Word, as I understand it, means a careful avoidance of what most people would call something. Most people, IME, would use the term "anthropomorphic animal" over "furry", which as far as I can tell is a niche term used pretty much only by Furry Fandom. On the rare occasions I've heard the word used, it's been to describe members of the fandom, not actual anthropomorphic characters; the only exception being the trope pages Furries Are Easier to Draw and Furry Comic. (And nowhere else on TV Tropes, which prefers Funny Animals.)

At least, that's my understanding. ICBW.
10:39:06 AM Oct 26th 2011
Messed up my edit reason, so I'll stick it here.

There was a furries easier to roleplay bullet point that linked to a furries easier to draw link. Since there was no information on how those two were related at all, it seemed like a bit of a leap listing it. Would make more sense if it was listed as "furries are easier to make character portraits of" instead, but I'll leave it out, since it seems a bit out of canon.
08:22:04 AM Aug 19th 2011
Word of God bit. Jason Holmgren read the Shout-Out? Should I erase the Grimbart reference or leave it?

Also, the Pretentious Latin Motto in the denars. Is it real latin or just made to sound latin-ish?
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