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01:13:48 PM Jun 22nd 2015
So "every" episode is on the CW Seed site, and that's great. However, it seems to be missing some episodes. Season 1, which is 20 episodes long, only has 16 episodes listed on the site, and I couldn't find the infamous "Africa's a continent" episode from season 2.

Why were certain episodes omitted?
11:59:00 PM Dec 22nd 2014
Was Chip cast in Nashville before or after production began on the second American run?
12:44:27 PM May 24th 2013
Should we make the page quote an actual quote?
10:53:55 AM Jan 15th 2013
Tongue-Tied: Before a playing of "Number of Words", Drew said, "Now the trick to this game, and this is what makes it a rainy gay- day fun game for the kids..." Ryan jumped on his flub, of course. (he was probably trying to say "great rainy day fun game for the kids")

Natter goes on discussion page, YMMV, or WMG depending on context.
12:41:42 AM Jun 4th 2012
Another "Millionaire Show" example of disorganized outline speech:

Brad asked in one episode: "Is the answer to this question: A) B, B) C, C) A, or D) D?"
10:42:37 AM Mar 19th 2012
Moved from main. I'm sure there's a better fit for it.

06:36:57 PM Apr 9th 2011
What episode does Ryan make the whore-horror mistake? Link (youtube if possible) graciously desired.
10:37:46 AM May 22nd 2011
That's from the Film, TV & Theater Styles with Ryan as a truck driver giving a ride to hitchhikers Colin and Kathy (who's in labor).
05:56:42 PM Dec 28th 2010
edited by LordAaronus
I noticed a while back how Scott Pilgrim had a seperate Shout-Out page. That's probably the only reason the Shout-Out entry in the main page here hasn't run out of control like the Running Gag section. Turns out you can make that page too. So do we wanna do this?
10:03:51 AM Oct 11th 2010
In the "Ensemble Darkhorse" section, it claims that the reason Mike Mc Shane wasn't on the U.S. version is because of a backstage argument with the producers. Is this true? If so, source? This is the first I've heard about it.
12:24:23 AM Feb 9th 2014
Mike explained in a radio interview that it was more Executive Meddling that got him removed from Whose Line. Dan Patterson and Mark Leveson had been trying to sell the show to the US for years, and eventually they started bowing to whastever demand a US executive through, and one of those demands was, get rid of Mike and Tony.
12:02:18 PM Sep 16th 2010
This has been bugging me for years. Perhaps you fellow Whose Line fans can help me out.

Whenever "Shakespeare" is used in "Film, TV & Theater Styles", Ryan frequently says something to the equivalent of "If this ____ were a ______, he would be a _______". That's gotta be from a Shakespeare play, but which one? And bonus points, does anyone know the original line that Ryan is always parodying?
09:23:57 AM Sep 15th 2010
When did the games list disappear?
09:28:34 AM Sep 15th 2010
It...didn't? It's right there on the page, in a folder.
10:21:37 AM Sep 15th 2010
My mistake. Was it always in a folder, though? If not, that's probably what tripped me.
12:32:44 PM Sep 15th 2010
Nope, just got folderized. Yeah, that always throws me off when something that's been rather large gets folderized.
10:28:21 PM Sep 21st 2010
Maybe it should be subdivided into three folders for two-player, three- and four, just to makethings easier. Likewise, I was thinking that the tropes list below could be subdivided as well, into General/In-game, Isolated Incidents, and Production/Meta.
08:54:47 AM Aug 27th 2010
I see that "The Scrappy" and its examples of Kathy Greenwood and Archie Hahn was deleted. While I can definitely see why one would think that's merely a fan using that trope to voice his disgust with a certain performer, it's really not. Check the listing for Whose Line on Jump The Shark. Numerous fans complained about Kathy Greenwood's performance. She has her fans, yes, but so does Scrappy.
10:21:45 AM Aug 27th 2010
If you want to put it back in, provide a link.
10:33:52 AM Aug 27th 2010
Crap. I forgot JTS has a robots file and thus can't be archived by Forget it then.
04:20:33 PM Aug 27th 2010
Yeah, I thought it was just "one guy complains about this one character", which is what a lot of supposed Scrappies are. I'm not a fan of her, I just thought it was another abuse of The Scrappy.
01:00:41 PM Aug 29th 2010
edited by speedyboris
No prob. Just wanted to explain my reasoning. FTR, I actually don't hate Kathy Greenwood. She can be funny on occasion. That said, when it comes to the fourth performer, I'd want either Greg, Brad, Chip, or Jeff over Kathy in a heartbeat. And when it comes to female performers, I always thought Denny Siegel adjusted to the improv atmosphere better than Kathy.
11:06:39 PM Aug 30th 2010
Yeah, she's okay, but her scenes usually have the other performers picking up the pieces around here.
10:53:22 AM Sep 7th 2010
I liked Kathy Greenwood. She didn't do much, but she tried and definitely had her moments. Kathy Griffin, on the other hand...
11:13:14 AM Sep 7th 2010
Kathy Griffin was actually pretty funny, but the problem is, she was underused and came to the party late in the show's tapings, so she didn't get to be on the show very many times. Having 2 of her 4 episodes feature special guest stars didn't help matters, either.
11:20:58 AM Sep 7th 2010
Kathy Greenwood was great. It's just when you have to be in the same game as Wayne, Colin, and Ryan you aren't going to be as funny as them by defaut.
11:36:24 AM Jul 30th 2010
From the page:

Very much subject to a Broken Base: good luck finding any clips on Youtube whose comments don't consist entirely of furious fans of the British and American incarnations arguing about which one is best.

I've watched more than my share of videos and I have yet to see such a comment thread.
06:56:17 PM Dec 1st 2011
I've seen a few, but it's not too bad.
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