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03:30:21 PM Oct 22nd 2011
edited by websurfer
Are we so sure that Agri is The Lancer of the series? I mean, a Lancer is supposed to be like a second-in-command to the team and be a foil to the hero. When has Agri ever acted as either of those things? He barely had any attention in this series. If anything, Hyde seemed more like a Lancer then Agri did. Whenever Alata was absent, he seemed to lead the team more then Agri.
10:58:51 PM Oct 18th 2011
edited by websurfer
Could Moune and Agri be a Foolish Sibling, Responsible Sibling duo? One example would in the Goseiger epilogue film where in the scene where their planting, Moune tries to use her Gosei Blaster to blast the soil to make it easier, but Agri stops and scolds her, saying they shouldn't abuse their powers.
02:21:54 PM Aug 17th 2011
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Does anyone else think that Agri and Moune kinda share The Big Guy role in addition to their respective roles of The Lancer and The Chick? I mean, they are both from the Landick Tribe, which is all about strength, Hot-Blooded personalities and control over the earth, an element that fits this role in the Five-Man Band. Sure, Agri is the official Big Guy, but who's to say Moune isn't like the secondary one?
09:38:01 AM Jun 8th 2010
edited by Infinix
Something that came to my mind yesterday: Translating villain names.

The main page has already described the Theme Naming villains go through: various sci-fi works. The thing is, they're too roundabout to be understood by anyone who doesn't understand Japanese.

Since Yumaju are rather new, allow me to focus on Warstar. Take a look at Buredoran; his name is said to be a play on "Blade Runner". But how is it derived?
  • You have to render the name in Kana: "Bu-re-i-do Ra-(n)-nā".
  • It doesn't stop there. His name doesn't even take all the syllables. It left out one from each word.

So it's quite roundabout if you don't know that Japanese works with syllables or alphabets. But that's just the case for Buredoran. How about Dereputa? It's an anagram of the Japanese reading on "Predator". No syllables were left behind! Simply put, the way they render monster names are just absolutely random;
  • Sometimes, they take random syllables out of the Japanese titles of an English work.
  • Sometimes, they put a dakuten on a syllable and make it sound heavier.

These are just the tip of the iceberg; observe the naming conventions on Wikipedia, and no one would deny that they're absolutely unpredictable. I'm not blaming Toei for that, mind; just that, like I said earlier, it makes understanding the references difficult.

Which brings me to the actual question: Should I "westernize" the villain names?

Considering that most of the works are Western, I'm inclined to do so. I wanna hear what others think first though. But do remember this: This isn't a big issue. The main reason I want to go through with it is because TV Tropes is essentially a site which "untangles" and "explain" works of fiction; if things are kept as tangled as it is, that sort of defeats the purpose of even having a page, which is to explain the series in the first place. What I'm saying is: Technical translation + adaptation? Or leave it as is, i.e: in Romaji?

I do admit, though, that the names are easier to render/write in Romaji.
06:34:41 PM Jun 18th 2010
I'd take it on a case-by-case basis. To use your examples, Buredoran coudl be Romanized into something like Bladrun, which would get the pun across without really changing the name. For more obtuse ones like Zaruwakku, you can't really do that without just making up a new name, so a simple translation note would be in order.
11:29:42 PM Jun 18th 2010
edited by Infinix
In that case, at least prominent villains can be translated.

  • Dereputa - D'reptor (Since the "D" is quite short when the word is pronounced. Other than that, it also makes a nice anagram, I think.)
  • Buredoran - Bladrun (Exactly what we both think of.)
  • Bii Bi Soldiers/Bugs - BB Soldiers/Bugs (Since they're references to B Movies as a whole.)

  • Kinggugon - Kinggon. No problems here.

As for the MoTWs, though, we could maybe have them translated just for fun? I don't suppose their names would pop up frequently on the main page.
03:21:51 PM Jun 26th 2010
I dunno. If we were working on, say, a fan dub, I'd agree. However, as long as we're just dealing with the actual show, I say we work with what they gave us.
10:46:59 AM May 31st 2010

About spoiling trope names: Even the site's own policy says that it's something that shouldn't be done.
11:27:19 AM May 31st 2010
Very well. Next times, I'll try to pick wordings that won't spoil things while having the tropes out in the open.
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