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08:54:21 AM Jan 6th 2015
Wham Episode needs cleanup. A Wham Episode shakes the status quo. It's not just a powerful episode.

Several episodes are excellent episodes, tearjerkers or have internal Wham moments, but don't significantly affect other episodes.
01:30:31 PM Oct 1st 2013
Killed Off for Real doesn't fit the series. It's for works with supernatural elements where Death Is Cheap and resurrection is possible.

Removed from the page:

  • Killed Off for Real: Numerous patients, which doesn't need spoilering. However, a few longer-running recurring characters do: Patients Jill Tracy and Mrs Wilk. Ben Sullivan, whose death made Dr. Cox suffer from a Heroic BSOD in the episode My Screwup. And beloved nurse Laverne.
    • However Laverne's actress came back to play a character who was identical in personality to Laverne. Her name? Shirley.
02:02:55 PM Jul 16th 2012
Would it make sense to change the folders so that Season 9 is all in one folder? It really is, for all intents and purposes, a spin-off/sequel series in all but name. It's also less trope-y enough that it wouldn't require more than one folder.
04:46:25 PM Oct 30th 2011

Scrubs is the trope namer of:

Is it? Is it really? I'm pretty sure those are both preexisting terms. Moment Killer certainly is.
02:03:35 PM Jul 16th 2012
Moment Killer is DEFINITELY a preexisting term... I'm inclined to agree.
02:50:46 AM Jul 17th 2012
edited by Telcontar
I agree, and I've removed Moment Killer. I also moved Trope Namer to the trivia page.
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