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03:06:06 PM Jul 8th 2017
edited by LyraGRowin
These examples don't really seem to fit the trope (which refers to having to start a video game over as a different character). I'm not sure what trope occasionally having a different narrator might be, if any, but regardless I feel like this list is unnecessary.
  • And Now for Someone Completely Different: Occasionally, an episode will be narrated by somebody other than Meredith. It used to only happen about once a season, but it's recently become more frequent.
    • George got one in Season 2.
    • Cristina got one in Season 3, and two more in Season 10.
    • Bailey got one in Season 4, and another in Season 9.
    • Denny Duquette got one in Season 5 (although he was long dead at that point).
    • Alex got one in Season 5, and another in Season 9.
    • Izzie got one in Season 5.
    • Derek got three in Season 6, and another in Season 10.
    • Owen got one in Season 6.
    • Callie got one in Season 7 (also the Musical Episode) and another in Season 10. She co-narrated one with Arizona in Season 11.
    • Chief Webber narrated his own two episodes in Season 10, and his monologues (not technically narration, as they're spoken in-story) were featured in episodes in Seasons 3, 6 and 8.
    • Maggie Pierce, April, Dr. Hermann and Amelia all each got one in Season 11.
    • Additionally, the last episode of Season 2 and the first episode of Season 6 both featured the entire cast reading bits of narration, sometimes only one or two words, and an episode in Season 8 featured only the male cast narrating.
01:09:15 PM Oct 1st 2013
Killed Off for Real is a specific Death Trope for works with supernatural elements where Death Is Cheap or resurrection is possible.

It may be Anyone Can Die or Character Death, or some more specific sub-trope.

  • Killed Off for Real: Well, between critical injuries, terminal diseases, ferry-crashing, bombs, serial-killers and a freaking plane crash, some characters are bound to die:
    • A buttload of patients don't survive. Beware: Infant Immortality is averted.
    • Meredith's mother.
    • Denny, Izzie's boyfriend.
    • George, who was run over by a bus.
    • Both Reed Adamson and Charles Percy die in the span of two episodes, both victims to a serial-killer who wanted to execute Derek. Reed was shot right between the eyes.
    • Henry, Teddy's husband, who dies while being operated on by Cristina, who's unaware of his identity during the surgery.
    • Lexie, dies at the end of season 8.
    • Mark, in the season 9 premiere.
    • Adele also in season 9.
    • Heather Brooks in the season ten premiere.
03:08:56 PM Jul 8th 2017
Agreed. Adding this back in under Anyone Can Die.
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