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06:32:41 PM Oct 6th 2012
I'm having trouble with recap pages. I make the red link for the page and then make it, but when I press save, nothing gets saved, and it just says "click the edit button to start this page". I need help.
02:59:55 AM Feb 21st 2012
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Can there be something explaining what the recap thing is all about? The general, and obvious, stuff is easy to get without any help, but an explanation on specifics would be nice.
12:40:27 PM Apr 4th 2011
Given how long Harry Potter is, it was split into a seperate page for each chapter. However, I'm pretty sure it's too long to put an index for each individual chapter. It would kill the index page.
03:57:37 PM May 16th 2010
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Is there a point to the Voyager page? Not that I don't like Sci Fi Debris, but it doesn't really fit here.
10:37:50 PM Jul 23rd 2012
Same with Enterprise. It doesn't have any red links on its Recap page, but every link it does have (which is only 25% of the show, btw) is a Not-Yet-Started page.
05:37:40 PM Feb 2nd 2014
I think that sometimes a recap page is just an "episode guide", and it doesn't necessarily have full recaps for every episodes (some of them don't have recaps for any episode.)
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