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This is a directory of all recap pages existing on the wiki, grouped in a variety of different ways: medium, genre, franchise, etc. When a list is too large to be useful here, it is broken up into folders and, sometimes, separate pages.

For help on how to create a recap page, please check out SoYouWantTo/{{Recap}}, currently under construction.

!By Tropes:
All pages that list episodes (and story arcs) that relate to a specific Trope. For a listing of Episode Tropes, please see Main/{{Episodes}} and StoryArc.
* Recap/AprilFoolsPlot
* Recap/ChristmasEpisode
* Recap/CourtroomEpisode
* Recap/HotSpringsEpisode
* Recap/MusicalEpisode
* Recap/TournamentArc

[[folder:Festival Episode]]
* Recap/YutakasBigFatYoukaiWedding
!By Meta-Series
Please list recap pages here that cover three or more series, films, etc.

* Recap/MagicTheGathering
* Recap/MarvelCinematicUniverse
* Recap/TheMatrix (3 Films, 2 Video Games, 1 Anime anthology)

* Recap/StarTrek (5 Live Action TV series, 2 separate film series)
* Recap/StarWars (9 Films, 2 Western Animation series)

!By Medium:
If a recap page covers multiple media, please list it on all of the applicable subpages. If there are too few entries for a subpage, please add to the folders below.
* Recap/{{Anime}}
* Recap/ComicBook
* Recap/{{Creator}}
* Recap/{{Fanfics}}
* Recap/LiveActionTV
* Recap/LightNovel
* Recap/{{Literature}}
* Recap/{{Manga}}
* Recap/RolePlay
* Recap/VideoGames
* Recap/WebAnimation
* Recap/{{Webcomics}}
* Recap/WebOriginal
* Recap/WebVideo
* Recap/WesternAnimation
* Recap/{{Other}}

Please list recap pages here that cover three or more media.

* ''Recap/AceAttorney'' (Visual Novel, Video Game and more!)
* ''Recap/AssassinsCreed''
* ''[[{{AATAFOVS/EpisodeGuide}} Avatar and the Airbending Fellowship of Vampire Slayers]]''

!By Company or Brand
* Recap/DCComics

* Recap/MarvelComics

* ''Recap/SlyCooper''

The following are groups of pages that have one or more problems and are in need of WikiMagic love.

Please list a page here and give some details about what is needed. Please do not start conversations here, and instead take them to the page's discussion page and/or the forums.

!!Missing Episodes from List
Please list pages here that are missing episodes (as in they are not on the page, nor are they a Red Link)

* Recap/GaikingLegendOfTheDaikuMaryu
* Recap/HiddenPalms
* Recap/{{JAG}}
* Recap/JackieChanAdventures
* Recap/KenanAndKel
* Recap/MonsterAllergy
* Recap/TheWallWillFall
* Recap/WaterlooRoad

!!Missing Tropes on pages
* Recap/DigimonAdventure
* Recap/TheWallWillFall
* Recap/WaterlooRoad

!!Missing Summaries on pages

* Recap/BraveFrontier
* Recap/TheXFiles

!!Could be covered by more than one index?

* Recap/TheWallWillFall

! Requested Pages
* Recap/BattleForDreamIsland (Web Animation)
* Recap/BenHur (Film)
* Recap/TwoBrokeGirls (Live Action TV)
* Recap/CovertAffairs (Live Action TV)
* Recap/TheCrazyOnes (Live Action TV)
* Recap/GroundFloor (Live Action TV)
* Recap/HartOfDixie (Live Action TV)
* Recap/Inanimate Insanity (Web Animation)
* Recap/TheListener (Live Action TV)
* Recap/KamenRider (Meta-series)
* Recap/KamenRiderDecade (Live Action TV)
* Recap/LawAndOrder (Meta-series)
* Recap/{{JAG}} (Meta-Series)
* Recap/MenatWork
* Recap/TheMiddle (Live Action TV)
* Recap/MikeAndMolly (Live Action TV)
* Recap/TheMindyProject (Live Action TV)
* Recap/NewGirl (Live Action TV)
* Recap/{{Nikita}} (Live Action TV)
* Recap/TheOriginals (Live Action TV)
* Recap/PantyAndStockingWithGarterbelt (Anime)
* Recap/PrettyLittleLiars
* Recap/{{Ravenswood}} (Live Action TV)
* Recap/{{Revenge}}
* Recap/RookieBlue (Live Action TV)
* Recap/{{Salem}} (Live Action TV)
* Recap/SCPFoundation (Wiki / Web Original)
* Recap/TheSecretCircle (Live Action TV)
* Recap/{{Suburgatory}} (Live Action TV)
* Recap/TheTomorrowPeople2013 (Live Action TV)
* Recap/TrophyWife (Live Action TV)