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05:28:11 PM Nov 20th 2017
I've read over these examples for a while and I feel a little confused by them:

  • To some, the "Nuclear" trailer for The Phantom Pain tries to be serious and melancholy but ends up being unintentionally funny because of the Wangsty music choice. While thematically appropriate, they might as well have played "Crawling".
    • The "Not Your Kind of People" trailer, for similar reasons. A kind of power anthem for "different" people - while it does possess some level of thematic resonance, if taken at face value, the song basically equates Big Boss to your average self-absorbed emo teenager.

The former seems to read as a Zero-Context Example, and both seem like an example of Immediate Self-Contradiction to me (they both say that the songs fit while simultaneously calling them Narm/Wangst). I don't necessarily believe that they're invalid examples, but I'm listing them on the discussion page because they seem like they need clarification in a way that I'm unable to do myself.
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