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09:28:56 PM Mar 19th 2013
So in the end, why does Yukiteru love Yuno? All evidence shows and prove over and over it's not real love, but some kind of crazed, stockholm syndrome. Even in the end, he's so thoroughly manipulated and broken that like some mindless slave, he can't exist without her. So in the end, how is the ending supposed to be happy? How is it supposed to be anything but a boy forever trapped in a baseless relationship? Heck! The Yuno he ends up with technically isnt even the same person! So it makes no sense.
08:53:47 PM Aug 5th 2013
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It's complicated. But the best I can say is that after both his parents die, he pretty much has nothing left that he can call his, except the person he's been sharing some adrenaline-filled bonding moments with through the whole series. And if you believe he's the least bit above an asshole, he did seem to have a level of sympathy for Yuno, her home life, and her volatile mental state. He seems to get that she sees him as her only hope of a future, and once he becomes thoroughly crazy himself (though not anywhere near as much as her), he may have ended up seeing her the same way as well.

Also, the way space-time is portrayed in the series is...weird. Apparently 1st-world Yuno can kill 2nd-world Yuno after winning the game and killing 1st-world Yuki, but it still means she was in love with Yuki, which includes the Yuki of our/2nd world, so he was the same person, except that he wasn't, but still kind of was. So that would mean Yuno committed suicide From a Certain Point of View when she killed Yuno-2, and stalked Yuki-2 just like Yuki-1, because they were both Yuki. In this series, traveling through time creates an Alternate Universe that averts Never the Selves Shall Meet completely. Confused yet?

— EDIT: Here's the easier way: Doesn't matter. They had sex.
01:10:47 AM Sep 5th 2013
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It was explained near the end of the series. While he was speaking to his parents in the "dream world", he admitted that he possessed a special bond with Yuno because she was always there for him unlike his mother (who was always away on business) or his father (who was a self-centered jerk).
05:20:36 PM Jun 25th 2011
So Yuno kills all these people, manipulates events to her own desires, basically causes Yuki to have a psychological break becuase of all this and then just gets away with it all?!

Not to mention, I don't think I see ONE good reason as to WHY Yuki even loves Yuno in the first place! The closest thing I can see is some severe version of Stockholm syndrome!

So yeah, this is either a seriously fucked up "Happy Ending", or it is just horribly bad writing.
01:29:37 PM Jul 29th 2010
I am calling it right now. Uryuu is alive and has that time god cape because of when Deus 'killed' her. Power transfer, maybe.
01:08:16 AM Mar 8th 2010
edited by Yakumo_Fuji
The combination of Deus and his little helper girl (Can't remember her name) is a typical "God as judge, Devil as prosecutor"-combination, similar to the biblical Hiob-story or the beginning of Goethe's Faust - At one point, she even proposed a bet to him, and she has a little devil tail. Now I JUST need to remember what that trope was called...
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