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02:36:52 PM Sep 23rd 2016
Does this trope apply to the Red Skull?
01:37:27 PM Sep 5th 2016
Is there a trope relating to 0% Approval Rating of a character amongst an audience when actual statistics are involved? In Game of Thrones Cersei Lannister is very unpopular both in-universe and with the audience. In 2016 HBO ran a mock election and the results [1] showed she had a definitive 2% approval rating amongst those who voted.
10:25:00 AM May 14th 2016
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Is it possible to achieve a localized ZAR? Say, "All Americans hate Hitler?"
07:16:41 AM Jul 14th 2016
It is, actually.

Congress is known for being unpopular (to the point where "the US turns communist" was more popular), but at one point a poll gave them a 5% approval rating (three percent margin of error), which meant they'd be in a statistical tie with an actual 0% approval person:

And as recently as, well, today, Trump managed to get a zero percent approval rating among blacks in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

So yeah, it's possible for IRL politicians to be that hated.
09:04:05 AM Jul 14th 2016
That's not really answering his question. He's not asking if it's possible for someone to be 100% hated by a certain group. That would be a silly question, because if you reduce the samples enough (as you had by reducing it to black voters in only two states), you can get literally anyone down to a 0% approval rating. Go to a militant atheist website and Jesus can have a 0% approval rating. Go to a gun control website and the NRA can have a 0% approval rating. Go to a Gobots website and Transformers can have a 0% approval rating. Etc.

The question is whether or not that counts, because as I pointed out, you limit the fields that count enough, you can make anything fit.

As such, I say no, it shouldn't count if you limit the scope.
12:08:27 PM Apr 13th 2014
Is the Abilene Paradox used in fiction? Has anybody written about a king who one day says I never wanted this job, but I only did it because you lot chose me, and each and every person questioned about it reveals that they didn't think he was a reasonable choice, but didn't want to rock the boat.
01:20:36 AM Dec 27th 2010
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I would add Leopold III of Belgium in terms of treatment towards Congo, he did nothing good for them, period.
03:47:42 AM Oct 11th 2010
Hey, what about the case with Mike Rizzo, the guy in charge of the town of Bell, California? It's an ongoing spectacle right now: He was the center of an elaborate conspiracy involving EVERY BOARD MEMBER that allowed him and all of his colleagues to get rich. (Well, not all of them. But the ones who weren't were intimidated into keeping quiet.) He has since gained at least $8 million more than he legally should.

People started getting suspicious, and police started an investigation. During this time, a massive protest took place at the Bell City Council building, which Rizzo and all the other councilmembers ignored. They found evidence, and Rizzo was caught and arrested sometime in early October 2010, along with most of his other partners. (Interestingly, the mayor, Mr. Fernandez, locked himself in his house and fortified his doors. Police needed a battering ram to get in.) As a display of just how ridiculously low his approval rating had become, a big celebration took place in Bell on the day he was sent to jail.

This story isn't over though: As of right now, Rizzo's family has paid the $2 million bail. Rizzo also hired a top attorney, and together they intend to take back his position as the council leader. He can do this, he argues, because he never officially resigned and is thus still the acting leader. His attorney says that Rizzo can also sue the inhabitants of Bell for "lost wages" during the time he spent imprisoned.

The frightening part is that, due to loopholing his way through the legal system, Rizzo can actually regain leadership, thus having what is arguably the record lowest approval rating of all time. He can remain as the council leader because Bell's laws require him to personally resign—if he refuses, he could theoretically stay in charge until the day he dies.
01:46:09 AM Nov 8th 2010
And by that, I mean his first name is Robert, not Mike.
09:41:31 AM Apr 12th 2010
Taken this from the page.

  • Luca Blight from Suikoden II holds this title due to fact that he is a genocidal bloodthirsty psychopath while the people in his country...are not.
    • IIRC, Luca Blight is actually very popular among his own soldiers. During the final battle Luca Blight, his soldiers will leap into the path of arrows fired against him and make enthused declarations of their loyalty to him. Contrast with later scenes involving the Highland soldiers, where their enthusiasm is notably reduced.

Luca Blight is very popular among his people, because he successfully blamed his crimes on the heroes, making himself look like a righteous avenger who is fighting to defeat the evil child-murderers and breakers of the peace treaty. Sure, Luca burns villages to the ground, but the average Highland soldier may think that they deserve it for causing the war in the first place and killing Highland kids. Even in Suikoden III, one of Eike's history books claims that Riou and Jowy's Youth Division was slaughtered in a surprise attack by the treacherous city-state of Jowston.
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